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  1. I have Carr Hoops on my Crew Cab. works great for my mom, wife and kids.
  2. Yes. I put a red LED in the footwells, For the exterior I added Carr Hoop steps and ran an amber LED into them.
  3. I did my first change at just over 1000 miles and went to Mobil 1 synthethic.
  4. I bought that cannon to use with my harbor freight electric pressure washer and chemical guys honeydew soap. It did ok, but was runny. It was better than my old bucket method.
  5. Tire Rotation

    I rotate myself then stop by Discount Tire and let the do a TPMS reset. It takes 5 minutes and is free.
  6. I have noticed a similar squeak in that area in my 2016 Sierra 2500 Crew Cab. I will look in the morning and see if I have the paint rubbing. About 18K miles on the truck.
  7. Did you do that yourself. I have been considering something similar for a long time.
  8. I came to the same conclusion OP. My previous 1500 lasted 16 years and 293K. I originally looked at 1500's this time also, but DI and Cylinder deactivation turned me away. I believe my '16 2500HD 6.0 to be just right for how I use a truck (Construction superintendent). 15 years and 300K will get me through the kids going to college and to retirement. It was the perfect mix for my needs.
  9. I have a Diamondback SE and I love it. The tool bin fits plenty of the smaller tools I carry. But having the rest of the bed waterproof and lockable is what sold me.
  10. Did some polishing yesterday . When I get time in a few weeks I'll pull the bumper and hammer it out.
  11. It finally happened, had my 2016 for 6 months. Yesterday I was on a job site, when I got ready to leave I forgot a loader attachment was in front of my truck. Its a small crease at the bottom. I'm going to take the air dam off and see how it looks.
  12. Congrats on the new truck. There is a spot for a 2nd battery but you will need a wiring kit. Key fobs can be ordered online, but must be programmed at the dealer.

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