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  1. @tanner709 posted about Mrmotorsports and those are $348, and Rockauto is $371 and those are the cheapest I have found.
  2. Love this but checked the link and only for years 2013 and before... but will be following this thread as I am also interested
  3. couldnt agree more with the 6.0! I sometimes miss the older truck and lately have been looking at the 2003+ Suburban/Yukon 2500 with the 6.0 in it. Feel that the HD stuff lasts longer and might get flak for this but do still love the H2 Hummer with the 6.0 in it as well.
  4. @tanner709 This was a crazy helpful post!!! This is what mine looks like at 60,000 miles https://imgur.com/a/Xpx4s
  5. So glad to hear, it's a bit scary when I hear things like this and then also the electronic steering recall we all got. To me, these are safety things
  6. I am in the same boat as you and actually was online building an F150 to check prices. Right now its 0% for 72 if you don't buy it outright. Kinda funny cause I keep making excuses myself, like its almost paid off, it looks awesome and people always compliment it, however it was in the dealership 28 separate times in 2016, multiple days each time, once was 18 days. And this year is slightly better at 12 times. However its burning about 1.5qrts ever 1,000 miles now. Tundra is hit or miss on style preference, however imo their reliability is outstanding and maybe worth checking out as well, I am starting to look at them as well as F150
  7. Hey guys, finally time for me to jump on this bandwagon. Where are you all ordering the 5100's from? I went to Summit and Jegs and they claim the 5100's (B8) are non adjustable. People here are mentioning putting the shock on the highest setting though... I do have a RC 2" up front and stock in back if that changes anything? Can you guys help me out with where you are buying and part numbers? Thanks!
  8. have a 2014 sierra and upgraded to 55w DDM with the wires that go to the battery as well as error code reader too. Worked awesome for 2 years then the drivers side headlight went out. Replaced the bulb and worked for a bit then went out again. Replaced the bulb once again and did not work. Replaced the Ballast and worked again. Went out once again and got fed up and then went and bought a whole new system and got rid of all DDM stuff. Worked for about 6 months and now the drivers side headlight will go out, then come on randomly and stay on, then off again after i restart and will randomly be on and off. Anyone have any ideas or have issues with something similar?
  9. well i chimed in before and count me in on my seats not heating again. nearly 2 years to the date. cooled seats broke 4x now heating element 2x in less than 30k miles... FL33i, did you figure out if you were going to take it to the dealer, fix yourself or just let it be broke? Wondering if you do it yourself where you'll get the element from?
  10. Having the same issues with my 14 sierra. Outstanding BMW!! I do have to say from first hand experience that the repair bills will creep up on you with the BMW. Shocked that I couldnt even repair my own battery without having to take it to the dealership to get it "programmed". Oil pan is now leaking, along with brakes and AC that went out. This is on a CPO 2013 3 series convertible BTW... We prolly just got into a bad streak with repairs on it, just miss being able to do the work myself.
  11. has anyone replaced their Torque converter themselves? I am out of warranty and thinking of replacing the TC as well as the axles from Yukon and Bilstien 5100 shocks. If you did replace your TC, what one did you use and did it end up helping? I have lots of other issues with RPM surges that im hoping this could eliminate a few issues
  12. I have had this happen to me twice and each time it was the "heating element" that is under the seat. The dealer claims that getting in and out of the truck causes it to wear down and break.
  13. singing the same tune that mine did this as well, HMI cable to fault. Happened 400 miles out of warranty but they felt bad and had GM cover the costs besides a $100 deductible. Better than $1400 they were wanting to charge me
  14. Good to see some higher mileage trucks out here. 2014 5.3L SLT Z71 61,000 miles and many big issues along the way. 1) shakes 2) Oil Consumption issue, 1.5 - 2 qrts every 3,000 miles 3) AC condenser 4) cracked radiator 5) vented seats quit working (4x) 6) Navi screen quit working 7) flapper in exhaust (3x) 8) Heated seats quit working (2x) 9) rusted frame worst anyone has ever seen 10) squeaking brake pedal 11) RPM surge 12) the list goes on...
  15. Was not sure what to title this one... With around town speeds, I keep hearing this noise that makes me feel like something is wrong with my front end. When I hit bumps, it sounds like the tire is bouncing like i have a bad shock or spring, where a suspension piece bounces a few times. The steering wheel is solid, and I do not feel like I am going to loose control, but every bump sounds like a hollow solid bouncing. It will "bounce" about 3 times and stops until the next pot hole, or road unevenness. this is probably the worse descritpion ever, but I have rotated the tires, checked all suspension pieces. however, my shocks look like crap... I do have 62,000 miles, RC 2" level with K02's.

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