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  1. 22's ride rougher than 20's. The smaller the rim, the more side wall on the tire, the better the ride if smooth is what you are after. What pressures are you running now?
  2. About $1400.00 for a 2WD, no idea being you have 4x4
  3. It's the automatic tampon remover button. I don't suggest that men push the button while sitting in the drivers seat., because DAMN that hurts.
  4. It only takes a couple of minutes to pull both belts off and then start the truck to see if the squeal is still there. That would eliminate all the idler and tensioner pulleys along with the water pump, alternator , AC compressor and power steering pump.
  5. Probably not, depends on how much play you are talking about.
  6. Yes they will fit. Lugs are 14 X 1.5 I think.
  7. If so, then I won't be buying GM for my next truck.
  8. Skip the V-nose Donstar. Makes absolutely ZERO difference in fuel economy, and its had to "pack" the trailer with that area being that shape. I have a enclosed 16" tandem axle with the drop down door in the rear. I love the door, but hate the V-nose. Sitting here thinking about it, I would pay an extra $500.00 on any trailer to not have the V-nose.
  9. Just my .02 cents worth is I don't like any exhaust system that is "rear exit". I do a lot of towing and prefer exit location to be on both sides behind the rear tires. This keeps the exhaust from blowing directly on the trailers, and is more end user friendly when having to hook up and disconnect the trailer when I leave the truck running.
  10. If the tighten gas cap indicator comes back on, or you notice it hard to start immediately after refueling, change the purge valve. Buy an AC Delco, the store brands and Dorman's don't seem to last but about 6 months.
  11. Way back in the 70's and 80's they had color matched interiors. Had one with red, two with blue, and a graphite one. All of my trucks in the 90's had the grey interior, so I will say the grey was color matched where others probably wasn't.

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