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  1. knock sensors are located under the intake manifold
  2. Which browser are you using?
  3. I changed the background to grey and the labels are now easy to see.
  4. I just tried to respond to this topic: but it did not have the place to reply....
  5. ERROR/ISSUE: The photos that are in a post are now being displayed multiple times.
  6. It looks like all the options available under the "Activities" tab is not working at the moment. I presume its all part of the files having to migrate over. The site looks GREAT! My only complaint so far is: I know users by their old display name. I think newdude is 15HDriver, but this part will take some time to figure out.
  7. Have the battery tested, check for good connections and check grounds.
  8. I have the Z60 in my 2015 and it is not so much of a harsh ride, but it rides like a early 80's Camaro and will actually out handle one. You definitely feel the bumps in the road, but it is not a harsh ride to me. With that said, I like cars and trucks with the "sport suspension". The wife prefers the ride of a luxury car.....she lost out.
  9. Install a Mobil1 M113A filter or equivalent Napa Gold or Wix. Avoid the Delco e-core filters.
  10. I highly doubt that the filter was defective. Even if the selling dealer did NOT change the oil and filter it means the previous owner did not change the oil on any regular basis. If the dealer DID change the oil and filter, then the previous owner totally neglected oil changes. When the oil and filter was changed, all the crud would begin to break down and not only fill the filter, but could stop up the oil pick-up screen. I would monitor the oil very closely. If it turns black in 50 to 100 miles, the engine is dirty inside. There are ways to "clean " the engine. Once you figure out if the engine needs flushing, report back. As for as what to worry about, my #1 concern would be the AFM lifters if the truck has the 5.3
  11. I think that the body shop is chasing the wrong problem. It should be pretty simple to measure the frame height on both sides, then measure the body/bed height and then start locating the cause. Chances are its in the suspension, but it could be as simple as having a smaller diameter tire on the RR vs LR. Like others said, take it to a GOOD frame shop and have them take a look. There no way in HELL that I would accept a bunch of washers shimming up one side of the bed.

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