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  1. Don't let these guys rain on your parade. Make the swap and then trade the second truck in on that boat you want. Remember, you only live once!!!!!!
  2. Get a tune from Blackbear, Diablo, or another competent tuner.
  3. When I was a small child, I was playing with a marble on the dash of my grandmothers new 1970 Impala. Well eventually it found its way down the defroster duct. That damn thing rolled from one side to the other every time you turned a curve for the next 18 years...... You might get lucky and try accessing it through the cabin air filter and /or blower motor. I would adjust the defrost/heat/ac location settings hoping it would work its way to the bottom. If that doesn't work then you will have to start pulling the dash....
  4. Greetings!

  5. They do it so that the drive train is not subjected to instant full load conditions. Keeps the amount of parts failures down for warranty jobs, and the truck will get 0.01 MPG better fuel mileage to meet CAFE requirements.
  6. It is "normal" due to the tuning that GM put in the truck. It actually takes a full 3 seconds from the time you stomp the gas pedal until the butterfly valve opens to WOT.
  7. Don't know on the DI engine, but sounds like a lack of fuel to me. Had that happen a lot back in the old mechanical fuel pump and carburetor days. Only had it happen once on the 2001 Sierra, was a clogged fuel filter.
  8. BigBlueLB756 is GTG!

    Super guy to deal with, great communication, packed with care and shipped it super fast!
  9. Take it back to the dealer, there should be no noise.
  10. ^^X2 I will say that if it has the piston slap, don't let that kill the deal. My 01 5.3 has had it since I bought it brand new and it now has 321000 miles on it and has never had a wrench on it. Check the transmission and make sure the fluid is pink, just because it is "new" means nothing in my book.
  11. Battery drain

    ^^ X2 with the exception that opening the drivers door will kill the timer and radio etc turns off. Since you mention that the heated seats etc says on, I would venture to say that you turned the key off, but have not yet opened the door, correct?
  12. Does your truck have the "flex fuel" decal? If not, you shouldn't run e-85. At least that was the way the 15 and 16's were.
  13. GMC Terrain Wiper Blades

    PM sent.
  14. 36 mm or 1 13/32 according to my micrometer. I measured one off of a 2001 5.3.
  15. 2012

    GU6 is 3.42 GU5 is 3.23 GU4 is 3.08 GT4 is 3.73
  16. Here is the test results for CAI's.
  17. You would be surprised at how many people would buy a 300 HP Chevy Spark. The ultimate Mustang Eater!!!
  18. Well it seems youtube has several videos of Fords and the shakes. This one looks like a paint shaker at Home Depot...
  19. I just went to the Powerstop drilled and slotted rotors on the 01 1500.I have ran their products before on cars with great results. So far I have about 2000 miles on this set and I LOVE them. https://www.powerstop.com/product/power-stop-z36-kit/#y=2005&mk=CHEVROLET&mo=SILVERADO 1500 4WD&ss=with rear drum brakes They do not have anything for the rear drums. My 01 has 4 wheel disk brakes.
  20. https://www.carid.com/2012-gmc-sierra-led-headlights/?filter=1&sub-model[ourBaseSubModelName][]=1500
  21. Too Much Oil Pressure?

    Don't worry about it starving for oil during warm up. 75psi is more than enough pressure to make sure oil is getting to the top end.
  22. A couple of questions for you, is the Suburban new to you? Where do you live and what was the outside temperature when this occurred? Did the knock go away after a couple of minutes? How long ago did you change the oil and filter and what kind are you running?
  23. Font Help

    It is not a font, it is a freehand artist's rendering. The only letter that repeats itself is the "B". While they look alike at a glance, they do not match each other. If it was a font, they would be identical. If you wish to replicate the style, then you will either have to do it yourself, or find someone that can do it freehand. GL
  24. Then you have a bad bulb or socket on that side.
  25. No first hand knowledge on the 4.8L, but the 5.3 is damn near bullet proof.

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