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  1. Oem powerfold mirrors..

    Damn, I wish they were summit white, I would be all over it!
  2. WANTED Borla Exhaust for 15 CCSB 5.3L

  3. FS GMC Sierra summit white wheel well arches

    keep in mind, you can get them brand new free shipping for 573.99 on ebay. I would be interested if the price was a bit better
  4. I am looking to buy a Borla exhaust system for my 2015 5.3L Crew Cab short box truck. I am looking to save a few bucks by buying used If anyone is planning to taking your exhaust off before trading in the truck or not liking it, hit me up in the private message!
  5. Summit white Sierra grille

    awesome grill! I have this exact grill on my truck, totally changes the look of the truck and way better than the chrome version and enough difference to the All Terrain grill Good luck on sale My truck for people wanting to see it on
  6. Goodyear Duratrac Problems

    i have 10,000 miles on my Duratracs and I love them! no issues at all!
  7. 6.5" ZONE/BDS lift. low miles

    My bad. Sorry didn't catch that. Only saw the same photo and thought it was reposted.
  8. There are plenty of folks in the Lift thread that say they have 3:42 and can chirp their tires still with 35's and its wasnt a problem
  9. 6.5" ZONE/BDS lift. low miles

    If you just bought this kit, why are you reselling it in another thread?
  10. Yep! Bilstein 5100 shocks give you 2" of lift even though it advertises only 1.8" Nothing done with back except changing to bilstein rear shocks (no lift).
  11. I have 19000 miles right now on my truck, I put them on at 6500 miles. I LOVE these tires. Ride quality is better than stock, I only say that because I put Bilstein 5100s on the truck to give me the 2" level lift. When I did that is when I put the new tires and wheels on. The bilsteins and tires are way better than the stock Rancho with ride quality and handling. I lost about 2 mpg around town but also because I lifted the truck. I can only get about 19-20 on freeway where I use to get 22 ish. we had a huge snow storm this winter in oregon, We had over 8 inches of snow and these were exceptional. It went through it like nothing. I will not buy another tire after experiencing these.
  12. My wheels are +1 offset Stock is like 27 i think. So my wheels poke outwards more than stocks. you might be fine it barely rubbed on one side just on the fender well liner. I just drilled 2 little holes and used black zip ties to pull it back to the frame. No more rub. To do this search the forums about zip tie liners. really easy and you cannot tell at all.
  13. Bilstein 5100 shocks, says 1.8" lift but it gave me 2" up front I have 20 x 9 wheels with 275/60/20 duratrac tires (33's)

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