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  1. (1) Rear bow tie for '14-18 Silverado $45 Shipped(1 Set) Chrome door molding that fits GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado crew cabs '14-18 $145 Shipped
  2. I made this receiver mount flag pole for my friend. Machined down two spots and weld on some rings that cut out of tubing to mount the tabs on to so the flag could spin freely and not get tangled up. Mounted it to my work truck for a few days to test it out before i handed it over.
  3. I believe there is an option for how long before they kick in. 30 seconds 60 seconds or something like that.
  4. To follow up, Socal supertrucks has 15% off CST products. Just ordered a 3.5/5.5 Spindle for $846. Free shipping on it as well. http://www.socalsupertrucks.com/2007-2013-gm-1500-2wd-4-5-lift-spindle-kit.aspx#.WhiVbEqnGHs
  5. Does anyone know if those extended dust caps they sell with the 2strokes fit our dust caps?
  6. I was thinking of buying a pair and color matching them, not sure if it would be noticeable since my truck is Tungsten Metallic. Was wondering how much those cargo lights put out since they cant reflect to much off the flat black.
  7. Care to snap a few pictures of it at night? Been thinking about getting that same one,
  8. Yeah its 2wd. Thinking of leaving the back as it is. Right now it have a 2" level spacer on the top of the strut not sure if i want to leave it or just take it off.
  9. So Im going to be keeping an eye out for a spindle lift over the holidays hoping to catch sale one one. Have not determined what brand or how much of a lift. Im thinking 3-5" on lift. If I happen to find one I like what else would be good to replace or upgrade on the front end since Im going to have it apart. Any feed back on spindles is greatly appreciated as well any other parts.
  10. I have been thinking about painting some of the interior pieces to color match the truck, just unsure of if I should scuff up these pieces first and primer or just primer and top coat? The pieces I am thinking of are the off color pieces on the dash and wheel, the trim around the cup holders and the wood trim on the door. Has anyone tried painting the over head console? What did you do abou t the buttons?
  11. Is there a way to get the clearance lights to blink with the blinker while its on and when the blinker is off the clearance lights run normally? Believe I saw this in person one night but didnt pay much attention to it.
  12. Thats looking pretty good. How rough of a grit did you use on the chrome pieces when you sanded them down?
  13. Well I tried to wire them via the BCM harness under the dash, put a diode on the harness and ran a wire over to the switch i have for the light bar but nothing i did would make the light bar power up. Any thoughts? switched the the diode around and it was on #18 on the brown/tan harness under the dash.

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