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  1. Well, after much disappointment, frustration, loss of funds and giving up the GM Employee discount I am cutting my loses and headaches by moving on to another manufacturer. The second Yukon Denali that was obtained by GM trade assistance to replace the first one that had many issues due to vibrations, booming and buffeting ended up with almost the same issues. The first 504 miles were smooth as silk and we were happier than all get out. Best ride of any of the vehicles I had owned. Then the issues started. One new issue with the replacement Denali was that when started it would ride smooth and quiet with no vibrations or buffeting. The next time you start it it would ride like it was on stutter bumps or rumble strips with the hard hard ride, booming and buffeting. It would do this at random and started at 505 miles. Now its trade bait with a new non-GM vehicle already ordered. So done with the GM products and hopefully the headaches along with the frustrations.
  2. For Sale: Borla exhaust system with chrome twin tip BNIB

    If someone can use it it would be a great deal. I had one on my other Denali and prefer the stock sound, so I'm selling it.
  3. For Sale: Borla exhaust system with chrome twin tip BNIB

    Price dropped to $800.00 buyer pays shipping.
  4. Pick up trucks are experiencing some of the same issues: http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/03/the-mysterious-chevy-shake-is-affecting-pickup-trucks-now-too.html
  5. For Sale: Borla exhaust system with chrome twin tip BNIB

    Price reduced: $1000.00 for the Borla cat back exhaust and the Borla chrome tip. The normal GM price is $1245.00 for the exhaust and $165.00 for the chrome tip.
  6. For Sale: Borla exhaust system with a chrome exhaust twin tip. Brand new in box never been opened still sealed. Ordered for a 2016 Yukon Denali never installed. $1100.00/obo call 315-600-7236
  7. Looking for real world comparison experiences Bridgestone Dueler Alenza vs the Michelin Premier LTX tires in 22 inch size
  8. My new Denali will be in soon but: Back from vacation and here are our experiences with 2 Suburbans and a Lincoln Navigator. We rented a Suburban for a week down in Florida this past week with 2 bad experiences. The first Suburban with less than 5000 miles on it, we had to return to the rental company since the A/C stopped working in the Florida heat. The second suburban we had (15,000 miles on it) for only 2 days when it died at a stop light in 4 lanes of traffic. Started back up but the check engine light came on and when I went to accelerate it bucked and made a loud bang. I let off the gas and stepped back on it since traffic was flying by and it did the same thing, bucked with a loud bang. It was in reduced power mode and we limped a few miles down the highway and into a parking lot. Called the rental company and an hour later they provided a Lincoln Navigator. After 4 Escalades and 3 Denalis with 4 Avalanches thrown in over the last 10 years or so the Lincoln Navigator was a real surprise! As soon as you get in the seats are plush, even the 3rd row seats according to the wife. We were fully loaded with 6 people and luggage and the V6 - twin turbo engine was sweet. Real impressed with the motor at how it performed fully loaded and running down the highway 75-80 mph. The ride was nothing short of sensational. Smooth smooth smooth - no buffeting or booming - no pressure sensations - no hard/harsh ride, quiet ride all around with very little road noise. "Luxurious", "plush", quiet ride with plenty of power. I'm impressed for sure. Back at airport for the return trip home we got back into my Denali and the comments were that we didn't realize how bad the ride was in this if we hadn't ridden in the Navigator. After the new Denali arrives and depending on the ride we are considering the Navigator for our next vehicle. Just like to add that the second Suburban suffered from booming, vibrations and buffeting from 62 to 70 mph. Anything below 62 or above 70 mph was just about perfect. The first Suburban we did not get to drive it enough to experience any issues.
  9. I've driven my Denali now for a total of 9100 miles experiencing the booming, buffeting, air pressure, vibrations, sunroof leaks etc for every mile of those 9100 miles. Been to the dealer(s) for all the TSB's along with dyna matting. It's all still there except for the air pressure. The hood bug deflector reduced the buffeting the most by all accounts redirecting the air flow across the roof. This is my experience on my Denali others may or may not experience this with their own vehicles. Waiting for my new Denali to come in.
  10. Biggest difference in reducing the buffeting on my '16 Denali was the bug deflector for the hood.
  11. What can't be explained is that we still have the buffeting even though the roof has been foam shimmed to the roof bows ,glued to the max and with 2 layers of dynamat STILL has the buffeting and booming, Something is not right with mine anyway. It's more evident in the drivers seat than anywhere else in the Denali. It's too funny when family, friends and the tech's ride in the vehicle and say they cannot hear or feel anything. Then they drive it and say "oh yeah I hear and feel it now, that's not good".
  12. My 2016 Denali has all the bad habits. Been serviced many many times. GM trade assistance in the works.
  13. Emailed 3 of the 5 or 6 publications since they first started running the articles about the issues with the GM suv's and not one of them has either called or replied to my emails!
  14. It's pretty cool to see all these publications and news authorities reporting these issues for the 2015 Tahoes, Suburbans, Yukons, Denalis and Escalades. But, they are missing the reports on the 2016 model years that also have some of the same exact issues. Most are only reporting the headliner fixes and not the PIT5429 bulletin that first addresses some of the other issues such as the harsh ride, noises, vibrations.

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