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  1. I've had the same problem, mainly with my bumper up front. But this paint does chip pretty easily. It's honestly annoying.
  2. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Bump. $300 for the pair and if any of you DFW guys are interested I'll be in the area on Thursday and the middle of May.
  3. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Since I just want to get rid of the bumpers, $200+ some gas money and I'll meet you in the Waco area for the rear one?
  4. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Bump. Still have both and looking to sell locally in Texas.
  5. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Last chance for the DFW area guys to let me know if you want these. Looking to get $500 for the pair
  6. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Will be headed to DFW area on Thursday, Feb 9. If any of you Dallas area guys want either of these.
  7. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Here's some pictures of the front bumper, will sell for cheap. Just want to get rid of it. Can grab pictures of the rear bumper if needed. Will sell separately and prefer to sell locally.
  8. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Can't seem to message you, if you can shoot me a message with your number and I'll get some pics.
  9. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Bump? Need the rear bumper gone. Shoot an offer and I can meet you somewhere if you're within a reasonable distance?
  10. The 2.0's don't need new UCAs. The 2.5's do, but I wouldn't get the 2.5's. They're not a whole lot different unless you want to do some serious offroading.
  11. I got them through a local shop. And yeah, went down a pretty rough gravel road the other day going about 50 and could barely feel it.
  12. With the coilovers and shocks installed it ran me about $1,320. And yes it gets pretty close to leveling the truck. Also, I wouldn't get another leveling kit on top of this unless I wanted to go higher, which I don't plan on.
  13. I've got fox shocks all around and the 2.0 coilovers set at 2in in the front. They improve the ride tremendously and I absolutely love them. They take bumps, turns, and stops much better. I can go down a gravel road now and not feel a single thing
  14. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    Located in Abilene, TX.
  15. White Rear and Front Bumpers

    I'll try to grab a few pictures here in the next couple days. It's suppose to rain here for the next 3-4 days. If it keeps any idea, I got backed into by the corner of a trailer. It's not that bad but the insurance company went ahead and replaced it.

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