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  1. I was recently in a 16 rental and the V8 toV4 felt entirely different than our 15. It was much smoother and less noticeable. It was a swb yukon compared to our XL but I don't think that should have much to do with it. However, It did have the booming/buffeting just like our 15XL. Regarding the booming and buffeting, I've been in at least 15 of these trucks since purchasing our 15 and they all have had the issue...granted some were worse than others but they definitely all exhibited the problem to some degree. I think some are just more sensitive to it or don't feel it at all. My neighbor recently purchased a '16 tahoe LTZ and he's very picky and while having multiple conversations about our booming/buffeting problems, he always told me his is perfect with no issues. So, I recently asked to drive it and sure enough, within the first few miles above 45mph the buffeting (pressure in ears) was felt. His didn't seem to boom at low speeds as bad as ours but the shorty version my help that issue some. Anyway, this is an example of his seeming like a non issue while to me it would be a big issue. We are going to drive a few more 17s yukons and then decide to either trade or wait for the 18 expedition.
  2. Did you have both buffeting and booming or both?
  3. ...glad to hear you got out from it. We've been able to band-aid ours to an acceptable level, but it's still not right. I am one that is waiting to see what the '18 Expedition EL is like and might be trading in as soon as they become available.
  4. Is there a bulletin number or anything to point my dealer to? I am planning to take it in this week for maint, steering wheel bulletin, and would like them to explore the booming fix, even if it is out of pocket initially. I would like to be able to provide a number or something for them to reference. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Yep, I went with the michelin premier LTX wrapped on the denali 20" wheels and made sure to RF under 15lbs and it took care of 90% of the buffeting. I'm tempted now to go back to the 22s again but with michelin defenders/premier ltx's this time. When I was running the 22s, they still had the oem bridgestones with about 40% tread remaining, so I'm pretty certain that crappy tires was the issue.
  6. THanks. Do you know the post # regarding the folks that attempted to fix buffeting by inserting object between roof and cross bars? I must have it missed this one. Ha
  7. Thank you for the detailed response! I am fully aware of all of the buffeting issues and causes, however, i was not aware if the exhaust dampers/weights applying to the 5.3L. I am happy to hear it does as it seems ours has gotten worse and very bothersome recently. I've looked into many of the band-aids regarding the buffeting but so far the michelin premier tires have covered up most of it. I'd still like to attempt some of the other ideas but don't have the time or energy to deal with it.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I'm suspecting the same regarding the "boom" sound.
  9. Thanks, Fog...we've chatted before and thanks for the info. Any idea if the dampers apply to the 5.3L? Also, are your sierra wheels oem or replicas? THanks!
  10. just so I am clear, this is to correct the low speed booming regardless of rpm/speed? Our XL SLT has horrible booming when on gravel/uneven roads at low speeds... noticed it more than ever this past week when traveling on snow packed roads. The buffeting was always the worse thing with this truck but the booming has been bad and was annoying to all passengers this last trip.
  11. yep, low RF wheel balance is what will more than likely cure buffeting issue. We went with michelin premier ltx and made sure tire shop had low road force numbers and it fixed 90% of the buffeting. We shouldn't have to have 100% perfectly balanced tires to keep from having the issue but it is the way it is right now with these trucks. We've always had the low speed booming and it never bothered my much but just recently it seems to be more noticeable and bothersome to me as well as passengers. Leslie wasson Green - I see you have an SLT and had the new dampners and exhaust so does this fix apply to the 5.3L engine (models other than the Denali?)
  12. Are the new revised dampners and weights apply only to the 6.2L?
  13. I can't remember if you stated in a different post if you were going to swap tires, but that would be the next step. We went through the same thing and ended up ordering new michelin tires (20") and made sure all were RF under 15lbs. It fixed 90% of the buffeting. The booming still exists on rough pavement at low speeds but we are going to live with it at this point. We've not attempted any repairs for the "booming." I still have the denali 22" wheels that I'm considering going back to with Michelin Defenders...currently running the denali 20" wheel with michelin LTX Premier.
  14. go have all four wheels road forced by a reputable shop.
  15. If GM doesn't fix this issue and the new expedition/navigator is appealing, GM will be losing a large share of the large suv segment that they've owned for years. I am one holding out to see what the '18 expedition will be next month.

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