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  1. Check/replace your fuel pressure regulator. Very easy to do and cheap part. It may not be allowing enough fuel pressure to the rail when you attempt WOT.Edit: make sure you buy ac delco regulator.
  2. I've used Mobile 1 LS gear oil for years with no issue in my G80. I would have no issue using it again.
  3. Others in this forum have had similar issues. Seems like the most common cures are either, new battery, positive or negative battery cables terminations are improperly crimped causing high resistance at times in those cables, or a new engine bay fuse block. My money is on the cables. Good luck.
  4. That would not stop the driveshaft from spinning as the driveshaft is solidly attached to the rear axle, so when the wheels spin, the driveshaft does as well.
  5. Knocking going over bumps - NOT ISS

    I had a 2003 1500 that had a front end knock as well going over speed bumps or anything that would cause the front end to travel more than usual. I owned it for 10 years. The ISS got replaced twice and would fix it for a while then return. Finally decided to live with it...it never got any worse.
  6. I saw a 2014+ with the reverse lights on driving down the interstate the other day.
  7. Can you re write that and make it understandable? I'm sure someone will try to help, but you have to help us first by giving us some legible info.
  8. I think there is a section in the manual that shows replacement bulb sizes.
  9. Just an FYI, don't post multiple treads about the same question. As far as your question, is the headlamp a sealed unit?...meaning, the lamps are non replaceable?
  10. Are you sure your water temp sensor is correct?
  11. The cold will affect the mpg as the engine takes longer to get up to operating temp, during the warm up period the engine is using more fuel that it does at operating temp.
  12. I don't have a lift either. I use a couple 2x10 boards and drive the front tires up on them. Having the front end lifted up will not effect the way the oil drains out.

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