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  1. they were never technically cooled there was not an a/c duct to the seat there is a fan that pulls cool air from the cabin and blows it through the seat perforations they just changed the icon on the button from a/c to a fan and put the air intake under the seat instead of the back or the seat I hope i got the point now
  2. i had the chevy for almost 3years and was not disappointed with the seats
  3. i am pretty sure gm uses the same leather on both it just seemed a little more pliable i know its all in my head they are the same truck
  4. a little more info the chevy which i loved was ltz plus it had the cooled seats also the gmc is the slt premium the only reason i changed was the 19s will have the start stop function which i didn't want i looked at the chevys and the gmcs i just liked the tri coat white with the tan interior
  5. just traded in the Silverado LTZ for a GMC SLT w/the premium package is it me or does the leather feel softer in the GMC and it seems to be a little quieter I know they are the same truck but
  6. a lot of people tend to use forums to complain or look for solutions to problems so it might be that the trucks are reliable
  7. its for aerodynamics around the wheel its not nessary you may lose .000245785 mpg and over the life of the truck that could cost upward of $6
  8. probably too late know i would have asked to see the rag to see how intact it was . Chances are it was one of those shop rags that are pretty heavy duty and once soaked in oil i would think it would settle in the bottom of the pan until it got sucked up by the pickup tube which has a screen that would stop a rag from being drawn in to the oil galleys .The crankshaft doesn't splash around the oil in the pan there are baffles to prevent this so the likelihood of the rag being drawn up into the crank and shredded and clogging anything is remote and if one of the main or rod bearings is starved of oil it will burn up and spin fairly quick and start to knock and it would have to travel through the oil galleys to get there just not enough clearance between the bearing surface and the rods and crank for a rag to get in .I would be pissed that it happened but IMHO the engine should be ok and at least they told you the truth instead of some bullshit story and if by chance you ever did have a problem related to this you have the documentation they effed up hope this helped
  9. i feel your pain i hate my dealer without going into a lot of whining they lie . When the free oil changes are done i am going back to the dodge dealer i dealt with for years they are spectacular i wish they had a gm franchise or dodge/ram would build a good trans
  10. there was probably some kind of debris on top of the filter which sits over the fan if your not careful when you pull the filter out it drops right in the fan
  11. i traded my 13 ram with the 5.7 for the chevy 5.3 you do notice the power difference .But as to the octane debate the ram reccomended 89 octane for optimum performance in the manual .If the 5.3 would have enhanced performance using higher octane why would GM not state the same and take advantage of the enhanced HP numbers ??
  12. mine did the same thing for the first 1000 miles or so then stopped i think the computer has to learn your driving habits i wouldnt worry about if is still doing it at the first oil change tell the dealer
  13. I was a hard core mopar guy this is the first non mopar car in over 20 years I traded in my Ram for the GM I probably would of went mopar again except just about everyone I know who has the new 8 spd dial shifter has had trouble my one buddy had to lemon law his and the other guy has had his in a couple of times for trans issues and for some reason they keep breaking exhaust manifold bolts. The grass isn't always greener personally I have had no major issues with the GM hope this helps
  14. the ram i had i left them on because the dealer was outstanding acutally when the free oil changes are over i intend to take it there for maintenence and inspection even though they are a Chrysler dealer . The dealer i bought the chevy from sucks for lack of a better term so any mention of them was removed I do however love the truck

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