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  1. Can you repost the pics I’d love to see it! Here’s my 4.5 zone
  2. Dang I wish you had a diy for that, I’ve never done it so idk how to go about it but that looks awesome
  3. I love that man do you had another pic of it close up?
  4. Hey everyone, Has anyone made their own grill for a Silverado? I’m considering either trying grill inserts or a full grill. It shouldn’t be that hard right? I wish I had a spare Silverado Grill to give it a shot.
  5. For those of you who have done this can we get some up close pictures of the plasti job so we can see the color difference please
  6. Almost always an accessory like that is going to seek the native OS for a compatible driver if it’s a lightweight WiFi usb. I think that’s what’s going to be the hurdle, it may be Linux based but it’s not Linux so it doesn’t have kernels packets for it. That being said it might still work? It just all depends if the information is turned back into usable data prior to, or after the Native OS begins reading it.
  7. I’m not sure the protocols would transfer the same. It would depend on how data is being transferred from the phone to the usb and then wirelessly across and if the signal is processed on the computer side or not. It might be cool for someone to microsolder up a lightning adapter to a magnet mount inside a case so when you put it on the magnet mount it connects it to the car usb?
  8. Shoot just my luck lol I need to just bite the bullet and paint mine
  9. Damn and just like that I’m sold on it haha looks like I’ll be going shopping
  10. How much do they cost to ship? 93010 and what color? Any pics?
  11. Id go the paintable ones 2015 Chevy Silverado with front sensors plus fogs and rear sensors

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