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  1. I got the same news actually, I had to go to GM dealer I bought from a few hours away but they are taking care of it.
  2. Nice well condenser looks easy. Hopefully can do the same and slid radiator out and leave condenser. If you tackle this let me know how it goes. I’ll do the same.
  3. That’s great news, have a link you can share?
  4. I haven’t looked at removing myself yet but think doing it from top is blocked by the core support right. Think grill is supposed to come out and remove through there? I'm still pressing every avenue I can to get GM to do it.
  5. I have the smell and verified it is leaking, I can see it on the radiator. My local dealer is telling me it isnt covered... Going to try through the dealer I bought it from. If not I guess I can do it myself when its warmer.
  6. If I could sell, Id agree most expensive car I could find. Beat on it around a track and sell for money. If I had to keep it, It would be tough to choose. Either a new Ford Raptor, Chevy SS(v8 manual RWD sedan so good), or CTS-V(no manual, but 640hp sedan).
  7. Weather tech, highly recommended! No drilling, took 20ish mins to install.
  8. Thanks, hasn’t changed at all from this pic still love it! Bilstein 5100s all 4, on highest setting in front(1.85), stock height rear.
  9. Did you use the brackets that came with the light? What did you use for harness? Wouldn’t mind adding one but trying to keep it cheap wouldn’t use it all that often.
  10. I usually look on GM Parts Direct and Rock Auto to start. Then cross shop with part numbers on Amazon for Prime and then maybe just google the part numbers. Sometimes a good deal on Ebay or some other site. I wouldnt say any of them always have the lowest price.
  11. Odd noise but sounds tinny and external to me(Disclaimer videos online are really hard to tell). Id get under the truck and have some else start it and track it down(Another disclaimer, parking brake and someone you trust)
  12. The new ecoboost are bi-fuel injected, atleast the 3.5. So worrying about valve build up and all shouldnt be an issue going forward, time will tell. If I was buying a new truck that would be on my short list. Probably going to run this one into the ground though.
  13. Which screw? I have the issue with it periodically not locking as well. About to add the zip tie method myself like others above. Its odd though, if I got back and forth unlock to lock enough, eventually it does lock.
  14. This depends on build too, was just reading a TSB on this. Some early models HVAC just defaulted to last settings. There was an update that changed that behavior to be more automatic. Mine just defaults to my last settings.

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