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  1. I would be sure to check the level. The dealer did the same thing to my truck. I suppose they saw it as a 1500 with a 5.3 or 6.2 and put 8 qts in it. I drained the oil out and added the right grade. Not going in for the rest of the "free" ones.
  2. Absolutely agree! I have a buddy that lets me use his lift for maintenance myself. Major warranty is by the dealer. After warranty it will be a local shop or myself if I have the time to complete the repair. The dealer treats you like an idiot and I can't stand it. If they screw something up "it isn't a problem" if you do your own oil change. "the customer spilled oil all over" typical douchbag type stuff. My old man was a Dodge mechanic for his entire career. In my time spent in the dealerships growing up I noticed that the service advisors were completely clueless about car repair and were there to prevent people fron speaking to the mechanics and wasting their time. If you want to know about your vehicle- find a good local mechanic, use his services, build a relationship and you will know 1000 times more about your vehicles condition than you will from the dealer.
  3. So they make them to take 140ft/lbs of torque but no more? That is ridiculous !! Who removes lugnuts with the tire iron unless you have a flat at the side of the road? I will be removing the locknuts and upgrading to better lugnuts, the GM ones are only good for a few on and offs before looking like crap anyway. If I was really worried about someone stealing my wheels I would relocate!!😊
  4. Not necessarily 'cheap' just the lowest bid for GM's requirement. People generally upgrade oem wear items with higher quality items that fit within their own requirements. Shocks wear out and need replacement, might as well upgrade them. Almost any 'quality' or brand name aftermarket shock will be better than the oem Ranchos.
  5. I have the cab lights from factory and wouldn't want to install them after purchase. I also like the chrome bumpers- they are more durable than paint at least to chipping. But some of us just don't know what a good looking truck is
  6. In the 1500 series the Sierra grille and front end looks a bit better. In the 2500 series the Silverado frond end looks way better. The fender contours are better on the Chevy, the GMC is too sharp and pronounced. I like my Chevy and I could have bought a GMC but I use my truck to do work and haul stuff not just get groceries and coffee.
  7. No offense intended. I just find that the Android Auto works well and doesn't need to be updated. I still use the big screen with the Android Auto nav. It is a great option if you have an Android.
  8. I won't be updating mine. Android Auto works great for me. $140 to update the maps is a bit of a ripoff.
  9. This is exactly what I mean. Monitoring oil pressure is really important but not so much as to need ultra expensive calibrated equipment. I doubt the local GM or any auto repair shop would have equipment like this either. To check accuracy of the sending unit a cheap gauge would be close enough. You either have it or you dont. Are you going to rebuild an otherwise perfectly operating engine because the oil pressure is a few pounds low? Most people should spend more time checking tire pressures rather than worrying about oil pressure. Lol.
  10. I doubt a generic pressure gauge would be more accurate than the sending unit. If it actually did read higher or lower and cast doubt would you believe the cheap gauge or the sending unit?
  11. Just an observation..... people who complain on here more than likely can't be satisfied. I wonder what they would think of being nitpicked to death themselves. These complaints are all first world problems really. I like the new trucks, they are WAY better than anything before in All aspects. My '04 rattled, gauges failed, wheel bearings failed, on and on problems. But so will the new truck after a while. It is nature of the beast and to complain on a forum is just dumb- what can we do? GM isn't going to rebuild your truck, or any part of it because your unhappy. You bought it in the first place and that is what they look at. Complaining after the fact doesn't work. Next time be sure of what your getting yourself into- you can only blame yourself if you're not happy. It isn't GM's fault or problem to address it's yours.
  12. If you only want to level just tighten up the keys you already have. 1.5" will make a difference. You won't need shock extenders either. Just tighten each key the same amount, try out the truck and then get an alignment if you're happy. Inexpensive and easy.
  13. The guage is just a reading of what the ecm sees on the sending unit. GM and every other manufacturer rely on the sending units to be accurate enough to alert you of engine lubrication issues. Whether or not it is 100% accurate is irrelevant. Nobody will even notice if the oil pressure is down a couple of psi anyway. Engine lubrication systems have a wide margin of safety built in If the pressure was that crucial there would be way more controls and alarms built in to prevent damage, like limp mode or a reduced rpm system. Anyway I had a 4.3 in an Astro van that had seriously low oil pressure according to the guage, never had an issue with warnings. It had over 200,000 hard miles before the rest of the van gave out. These systems rarely just break for no reason but if they do it is usually caused by some other reason- lack of maintenance, wrong oil used, excessive low oil levels, overheating, etc. A well maintained and cared for vehicle will last an indefinite amount of time.
  14. I'm the OP. I haven't been back to the dealership since this happened. I have received a few letters in the mail with discounted offers for oil changes but there is no way I can comfortably let them work on my truck. I changed the oil recently. The wrong oil filter was on there (pf63- which I knew about) the filter was so tight that the oil filter wrench crushed the filter- really!!. I had to use pliers to get it off. The stupid thing is I do the maintenance myself now and if there were to be an issue the dealership will probably blame me and void my warranty. But then again I probably won't have an issue now that maintenance is being done properly.

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