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  1. Your steering system has been modified due to the lift. The picture you posted is nothing like the steering setup on a stock truck. On a stock truck the inner tie rod would be threaded to the center link, and there is no adjuster sleeve.
  2. Burnt out radio/hvac/ipc lighting, ipc needles sticking or not moving, broken off exhaust manifold bolts, coolant in the oil, worn out front suspension parts
  3. Because higher octane does not equate higher fuel economy.
  4. How will a higher viscosity oil help with oil reaching rotating parts quicker in cold weather?
  5. Your foot doesn’t need to be to the floor for there to be preignition. Using the recommended octane allows the engine to run as efficiently as possible, which includes taking advantage of more fuel and ignition timing, resulting in better fuel economy.
  6. Ford F-150 Awards Just Won't Stop

    .......the turbos? Really? You’re worried about reliable technology that’s been around for decades?
  7. The gen 2 3.5 makes more torque at a significantly lower RPM than an 8.1L. “I’ll take 470 ft/lbs @ 2500 RPM for $1000, Alex. “
  8. X2 for Sumo springs. Minimal change in ride quality and helps a good amount with squat and stability.
  9. More liberal garbage in an attempt to take away things that Americans enjoy such as camping, self sufficiency, and of course, freedom.
  10. EV Tax Credit May End With New Tax Bill

    The prices of the cars are inflated as is due to the incentives. Just like when health insurance started being given to employees as an “incentive”. Health insurance “costs” increased. Just like as more federal grants were handed out to college students, College “costs” increased. This is all economics and politics. They can call it a tax credit, but at the end of the day it’s just a subsidy.
  11. Google “Bluestar”. Should be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a plug and play replacement vcim that gives you Bluetooth, but eliminates onstar.
  12. Depends what you’re looking to gain. You’re nowhere near working that 6.0 very hard. However, the dmax wouldn’t even know that trailer is behind it. You’d probably be a lot better off fuel efficiency wise as well. But it’s gonna take A LOT of fuel stops in the dmax to recoup the difference between selling your truck and the new dmax.
  13. Is there any sort of catch can or a check valve in line in the pcv hoses? If the check valve is installed backwards the crankcase can’t properly vent. Sounds like warranty block and customer pay time.
  14. There’s a ground on the back of the block, passenger side. Pull it off and make sure the terminal looks good and there’s no corrosion on the wire.

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