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  1. If vortech or procharger made a kit for the 6.0 I would order it! 6 psi with a roots air to fluid intercooler does nothing for me... 8-9 psi with an air to air intercooler & you can take my money!
  2. I saw a local guy who had installed amber led side entry lights on his new F150. Each side had four modules with three leds. The wiring hooked into the trailer wiring with a standard 4-pin connector. The lights worked with the key fob that way. The kid said he got the kit at Walmart for $20 which I thought was a killer deal. I have not been able to find this kit. Anyone here have any info or links? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone have pics of this step of the install? I purchased the drop shackles & debating installing or just taking to a shop. Make two cuts & fold over the seam? How far apart are the cuts?
  4. Do you have any pics to share? I am considering these or the husky molded flaps.
  5. ^^ Dyno so that is wheel HP So that would be roughly 23% drivetrain loss.
  6. Ouch the 6.0 TQ & HP numbers are severely lacking compared to the competition!!! I have noticed it. Under powered! I was never a fan of the 5.3 drivetrain quirks! But at least that engine's torque curve was more responsive than the 6.0 Sure the 6.0 is reliable but for a 3/4 ton gaser it is lax.
  7. I had a BakFlip FiberMax on my 2015 Ltz 1500 before I traded it. I would like to get another for my 2500. They don't ding or dent. Fold up nicely & allow nearly full use of your bed!
  8. This is first on my to do list. I sometimes put my ATV in the back. This will be a lot harder to do with the 2500 vs my 1500 that I had.
  9. Traded my 2015 Silverado LTZ 1500 in on a 2017 2500HD after they failed to resolve drivetrain issues on the truck! q
  10. New York is not a tint friendly state! Driver & passenger windows are suppose to be 70% or higher light penetration. I will do 20% on my driver & passenger windows. I'll try the 35% or maybe 50% (if they have it) for the rear doors & glass over the factory tint. If I don't like it, I will try something else. Thanks for the responses!
  11. 5% over the factory tint? It must be blacked out. I need to still see a little. I haul trailers. the tint installer recommended 35% tint over factory. Stated that would equal 5% or so. Ideally, 15-20% for the back glass and rear doors is what I am looking for.
  12. I scheduled my truck for tint and just need to figure out what % for back windows and back side windows. I don't believe there is any tint on my front side windows? My toddler screams when the sun is in her eyes on trips. I am thinking 35% for the rear over the existing tint and 20% for the front side windows? Sound about right? Or what do you recommend? Thanks
  13. If you chat with auto anything after finding a better price on say Amazon, they will beat that price by a dollar! Shop around, they will price match & beat it.
  14. Will the Amp bed extender fit under a BakFlip? I just ordered a cover tonight & was wondering. I'll find out soon enough, but I am sure someone here has already tried it?
  15. I agree! I have a spray in bedliner & I just ordered a BakFlip Fibermax tonight. I plan to install the seal.

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