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  1. I came across a set or slightly used regular LTZ mirrors for a decent price and I was going to upgrade from the power adjustable/heated mirrors on my LT Z71 to the ones on a LTZ which is heated, power adjustable, power folding, built in turn signals, puddle lamps and auto dimming. The question is will these extra options work on a lower trim level model? I knows id have to buy a different switch panel for the power adjustable feature because of the power folding button. But what about the turn signals and puddle lights? I researched and found with the trailering mirrors added after I needed a special harness to make those kind work. do I need the same for this? If anyone can clarify or help me out on this it be greatly appreciated,
  2. That 2.5" in the front, and you left the rear stock? I got the exact truck and looking at a 2.25" in the fount.
  3. I as wondering I anyone had this set up in their Z71 Silverado or sierra? I researched and found the Z71 models has less rake than the other trucks. I cant really find much information on here about this set up I am looking at installing. I'm looking at a Ready Lift 2.25" front lift and adding a extra inch to the rear, this will be a 2.25" rear block replacing the oem 1.25 inch block. Do I need to get rear shock extensions for this? or anything else? Will this effect the ride and handling much? and how about the fuel economy? I am told by my local GM dealership that this is ok and the warranty wont be effected. If anyone got this set up in their 14+ Silverado/ Sierra could you post a picture of how the truck looks? and any information that might be helpful to me. Thanks!
  4. The tires has the duratrac thread pattern but it doesn't have the raised sidewalls on the top. I am thinking its a special tire going to be used on these trucks, especially the Z71... Right now the trucks has goodyear sra's they are quite different from the sra you can go buy at a local tire store.
  5. I thought the same. only thing I dislikes so far.
  6. Squint and Take A Look At The 2019 Silverado's New Face

    To me it appears that its going to be a large space between the separation of the top and bottom grill. There is another set of lights that isn't shown in these pictures. In the first lot of pictures from a few weeks ago when the prototype trucks were getting loaded into the inclosed truck you can see a halogen type light right above the bottom LED's So bacicially its in the center of the top and bottom led's. The bottom LED's has to be a day time running light. The front is going to be similar to a 2005 Silverado slant eye look and a 2018 f-150.
  7. I'll be first in line to buy one.....I am serious lol
  8. So far I noticed that the tailgate handle is moved up further to the top of the tailgate. And the truck sits higher. It looks like their going back to using the double stacked headlight design again. In one set of pictures it shows a top set of led's and a bottom set on. The Wheel wells definitely isn't going to be like the current gen. They're looks more rounded. Also the Tow hooks are more separated from the 14+ models This truck is a mix between the new 2018 f-150 and a 2005 Silverado. For some reason I'm seeing the slant eye headlight look and largely spaced top and bottom grills looks similar shown in the pictures.
  9. I was just thinking that, lol.....also they are probably gonna use P rated duratracs for the Z71 model.
  10. [Photo Set] First Spy Shots of 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    Whats up with the mirrors? it looks something like you see on a car!! Regards to everything else it looks like its going to be a great truck. I cant wait to see it. Also I'm seeing more ground clearance between the body and the ground suggesting there will be a flat floor inside. In my own opinion this truck looked like a Nissan titan at the first...... still actually does I don't know why.
  11. 2019 spy shots

    I wish this truck come quicker. By the looks of things the truck in the picture with the chrome rims is probably a LTZ or high country because I'm seeing a duel exhaust coming thru the bumpers. It appears that there using some type of headlight type similar to the new civic's high model LED's or the escalade. The truck with the machined aluminum rims is a Z71 model! Looks similar to the new Colorado ZR2 rims. Is it me or does this truck seem higher? as in ground clearance? Also what is up with the mirrors? Its like something you see on a car?? To me first this truck looked like a Nissan titan.......
  12. I was browsing the Chevrolet fleet order guide distribution updates and discovered that there is now a new special edition to adds to their line up. The redline concept was shown at sema 2 years ago and now coming to life. The Redline Special Edition includes Sport Assist Steps, front and rear Black Bow ties, spray-on bedliner, Black belt moldings, Black painted mirror caps, Black door handles, Black grille, Black headlamp trim, 20" x 9" Black-painted aluminum wheels with Red accents, Black center cap with Silver outline and Silver Bow Tie, door and tailgate Black emblems with Red outline and Red tow hooks. It is available as a Double Cab model on the LT equipment group and a Crew Cab in the LTZ equipment group. This actual truck hasn't been announced yet. anyways I thought I share the news lol
  13. Just curious on who got a 2016 or 2017 Silverado with the GFX package? I never actually seen one, And wondering if anyone has one. I'm looking at buying a newer 2017 truck in a few months and I was thinking on getting the gfx package for the stripes and upgraded trim pieces.
  14. http://www.chevrolet.ca/silverado-1500-pickup-truck/accessories.html Under crew cab 6ft box accessories- tonneau covers its the last one listed.
  15. I guess you are correct there. Never really thought about that! I think i'm going to spend the extra few dollars for the OEM's

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