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  1. 2019 Dimensions

    0.18 it says more dimensions
  2. Onto the truck package ordering issues

    I think the 6.2L would be available in the RST model. It would be pretty stupid call a model RST (rally sport truck) and no have the big engine as a option
  3. 2019 Dimensions

    3:20 it says the truck is 1.5" longer
  4. Onto the truck package ordering issues

    I seen a dealer swap out 20" LTZ Chrome wheels for the 20" black ones that's on the WT blackout edition. also 20" Custom wheels to a LT Z71.
  5. Onto the truck package ordering issues

    I don't think the 6.2L is going to be offered in lower trim levels. I watched on YouTube someone did interview with the engineers, they did say when you goes up to the premium trims you gets the big 6.2L as a option
  6. 2019 Dimensions

    The overall length of the truck increased 1.5" I re watched the reveal the other day, GM said during their presentation......the overall wheelbase increased by 4". The hood, and roof was made higher by 1.5", interior headroom was increased by 1 inch, The width of the truck is maxed out in the current gen, by law 79.9" is the widest you can go with a truck unless you puts marker lights on it like the duel rear wheel trucks and the ford raptor.
  7. Onto the truck package ordering issues

    I would really wished GM would offer the trail boss as a optional package not a trim model. For example many people like myself likes the idea of the 2" lift from the factory by GM but get it in their preferred trim level., for example I would buy a LTZ in order to get some of the fancy options such as leather heated/cooled seats. safety package and other premium features like turn signals in mirrors, but with this its riding on a stock suspension. Also it think there should be a option for a body colored grill and front and rear bumpers on the LTZ to make a more sportier premium approach, which would look like todays LTZ Z71. mix of chrome and body colored. The new high country is nice but I don't think those bronze accents and the brown interior would appeal to everyone. Like todays high country model you can only get it on certain colors.
  8. 2019s finally getting HUD!!

    pretty strange I did not see either button on any of the rucks for the power adjustable peddles?
  9. Onto the truck package ordering issues

    Your thoughts was exactly like mine! I would like the HUD and the full digital gauges but I knows that they probably wont offer it in LTZ, The LT trail boss is the model that I likes the best but I really don't think its going to offer all the nice options! I am really thinking that you will see a ZR2 Silverado in the next year or so, During interviews the engineers said there was a lot of interest off-road performance . There's a space between LTZ and high country that fits a Zr2's spot perfectly! To make a Zr2 really add multimatic shocks, front and rear locking diff, make modified front bumper. and make the budge in the hood larger(like the Colorado Zr2's)
  10. 2019s finally getting HUD!!

    Can anyone tell me what the 3 buttons are next the steeling wheel in the picture? HUD, power peddles? and what else?
  11. Skimped on interior

    Apparently only the high country model gets the full digital gauges. I just looked at a recent YouTube video, showed a LTZ interior!,
  12. Which trim do you want to get?

    2" leveling kit on the already lifted trailboss!!!! I can just imagine what tire you can fit! definitely 35's
  13. Yes there is a Trail boss version of the Sierra. A member on a different forum who works at the fort wayne assembly seen it last week for a few minutes at the plant!!
  14. For one reason why the raptor costs so much more is that it has FOX shocks which are very very expensive! Also I readed on a different site earlier that gm claims a ZR2 a success in the Colorado!
  15. Which trim do you want to get?

    It appears t be a nice bit rake in the new truck! I guess a 2" leveling kit fix that!

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