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  1. My POS does this on cooler weather (and all winter long). It is a beautiful thing. Going in for my 4th recall next week along with a steering wheel replacement. I have a stock All Terrain and the front end has clicked when near a full lock turn since I've bought it. They say it isn't the steering rack. But I bet now that the bumper to bumper warranty is done, they will tell me it is the steering rack.
  2. How many recalls or work performed on that truck so far? I've had 5 so far with # 6 booked already. You'll like the truck but the quantity of recalls or substandard reliability is certainly a disappointment for me. Any pics?
  3. That's funny. I've had 2 blowouts and the nails/screws that were in my tires, I noted the tire visually before I got in my car/truck where the TPS pointed out the tire that was low. Sure they are a nice feature but I would not be worried to not have snows without them. That is my point.
  4. Do you think that they could have used a black colored wax to make it look nice and that is why it came off during the wash? Was this a GM dealer?
  5. Somehow we managed to drive in the past without a sensor telling me that my tire pressure is low. I wonder how we managed to do that in the past without issue (unless it was a Firestone on a Ford). Those sensors are only good when you have a slow release puncture. Considering most tire failures are complete blowouts, TSP's are a cash grab.
  6. How did you not see this when you bought the truck? The first wash would not make that stuff appear. Sorry for your luck on this but that has been repainted. No way that is factory. I have a 14 and other than the odd stone chip on the front end, my paint is still flawless. And it is black.
  7. I wish people would provide TRUE info on websites. The only time in Ontario that a zero tolerance policy applies to a light on the dash for a TPSM is when you are selling it certified. Police have zero say whether your TMPS light is on. I have no sensors for my winter tires and a friend who's a police offcer has been in my truck in the winter. He gave 0 shits about the warning light because it is not a mandatory safety item in Ontario. Here's a link; http://www.tirebusiness.com/article/20160627/NEWS/160629943/ontario-tda-issues-warning-about-tpms
  8. I like the look of my All Terrain with chrome bumpers. The painted bumpers are a dime a dozen on All Terrains.
  9. I agree - mine do the same thing but it is the front and back. How does your front end sound when you to a full turn at slow speed? Does it creak like a son of a bitch? Mine does. Five recalls and 2 other dealer induced f/up's, upshift and downshift clunks from hell, I still can't believe that I haven't parted ways with this truck. If it wasn't so damn good looking, I would have. Rams are just butt ugly and I'll never get into a full aluminum body truck.
  10. If that is your biggest gripe then you should count your blessings.
  11. It is a depression, not a dent, and it is there because of cheap thin ass foam under the cheap ass vinyl. Didn't have one until the 23 hr drive to Florida last year. If you don't want one, then don't rest your elbow up there otherwise it will happen again. Personally, I find it uncomfortable if I don't rest my elbow there.

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