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  1. Adding security cameras to the house

    I actually had to run it on the outside due to the house not having any attic access. I can't get any pictures right now as its for the new house I'm currently remodeling and going to move into soonish. But basically, You have a termination point with all the cables going into it. Which is a room with a server box, the POE dvr, POE switch, and a patch panel. Thats where all my networking equipment will go as well. From there you run it through conduit going to each camera, not the prettiest look but its functional and weatherproof. Then to get to the back of the house I actually had to refeed them into a room, put another switch there, and send it back out. The lengths on POE is about 300 feet assuming you're using 802.1at (PoE+) switches. If you go with 802.1af switches then you're limited to 50 feet per cable run. This is also how I wired the house for ethernet. I'm just using Reolink cameras picked up off of amazon and a tp-link 8 port PoE+ switch.
  2. Adding security cameras to the house

    Almost none of them have good night vision. Thats because of their IR lights just don't reach far enough. What you do to fix that is by setting up IR spotlights. Can be found on amazon and whatnot. Thats probably the easiest way to fix your night vision problem. I'm running all POE cameras wired through conduit running on the outside of the house.
  3. What, you don't like the wing it method of drill thrice, measure never?
  4. Edge CS2 Tuner with Windshield Mount

    Ah, glws All my driving is city driving. I doubt it'd help much.
  5. Edge CS2 Tuner with Windshield Mount

    How well does the fuel management tune work?
  6. Its got the allison. I've looked it over and it seems solid.
  7. A friend of mine offered to sell me his 2500 for 6k. Its an lt crew cab with what I think is the standard bed and 200k miles. Is it worth getting? I don't know much about the reliability of the engine. Thanks
  8. Chevy Colorado ZR2 AEV Concept - More Capable

    Trying to copy the raptor with the chevy on the front. Not that its bad.
  9. Ouch. I'm at 1700 a year for my truck. But I'm young and insurance hates young people.
  10. Bet the insurance cost is skyhigh with something with that much power.
  11. WTS: 14-15 Silverado Grille

    I really hate what you've done. I needed one 2 weeks ago and spent $400 for a oem one. Always happens right after I buy something. Every damn time.
  12. I'm just chiming in on price. I could be wildly wrong though as I haven't shipped off that much oversized stuff. I'm on a 14 with a lack of oem bumper now.
  13. It really isn't. Hardest part is finding a box. FedEx ground has always been marginally cheaper for me
  14. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Chevrolet/Silverado+2500/2015/C15860.html?vehicleid=201515215 Upgrade to that hitch then. Although it is a 2 and 1/2" receiver. Here is one for the 6' bed with a 2" receiver. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Chevrolet/Silverado+2500/2015/C15460.html?vehicleid=201514821 Check out what they have and you can find something you want. Should be an easy installation.

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