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  1. Repair the blend door function. Often the actuator.
  2. My email to Mary worked! Mine is back working again.
  3. Check you condenser line for oil.
  4. Year, make, model and color?
  5. Many of us here gave up on the Bilstein 6112 shocks. The promise that never happened. The 5100 shocks are sent from heaven just for our trucks. If you craw under your truck and you discover Rancho shocks, you found your problem.
  6. NSSANE02's 2017 Sierra Denali

    Wow. That one was too far gone. You will sink a ton of money into it and at the end of the day you will have a salvaged vehicle with no resale value. There was a reason the insurance company walked away from it.
  7. If you have Ranchos, there is your problem. The worst shock ever to make it to production. Replace with Bilstien 5100's and move on to other problems in life.
  8. Sad thing is they are crushing thousands of these 2017 LED lights in the Gulf coast right now after Harvey. Many were on lots and never got wet but the whole truck gets crushed.
  9. Help us help you. Clean, drive an hour or so and repost a new picture.
  10. GM de-contented this feature to bring a better value and travel experience to you and your family.
  11. That had nothing to do the with trans oil change. Your dealer updated the software.
  12. Soon to cam...

    With a 4.8L, you are trying to polish a turn. At the end of the day, you still have a turd. Find you a 6.2L out of a wrecked truck and go from there.
  13. It sucks but GM addressed the problem for the 2016 model year with a warranty adjustment. Warranty was adjusted from 100k miles to 60k miles to boost consumer confidence in the product due to past warranty claims such as excessive oil consumption.

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