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  1. All very common issues except the engine stalling. Lemon law are trade is you best bet if you can't live with it.
  2. Won't start

    I would load check the battery and remove that gray pubic hair from the instrument cluster.
  3. There were about 1 million vehicles damaged or destroyed in Harvey. While many new vehicles were crushed, others made it to salvage auctions all over the country. They are now showing up on the streets as people bought them thinking they got a great deal and are now dumping them as the headaches of a flood vehicle start to become reality. I lost a vehicle myself and would not touch trying to save it. Repair costs would have quickly exceeded the cost of a new vehicle and you are sill stuck with a salvage vehicle no one wants and a new issue each week.
  4. I have seen the future. On the column it stays... (OK, actually most of us here seen the future but it sounded cool to say it.)
  5. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    If you go to the dealer and get a key you might have better luck selling it not parted out.
  6. Hide an unprogrammed key on the outside and a programmed key on the onside.
  7. Let me see if I got this strait. GM sold you a perfect truck with no issues. You modded it with after market parts that did not fit right and you are blaming GM and are upset GM did not provide new OEM parts to make your aftermarket parts fit better. Is this what melted your snowflake with GM?
  8. I'm baaaaack!

    You divorced your truck?
  9. Use OE ceramic or create some new issues you did not have before.
  10. Save yourself some money. Buy a new 6.2 SLT.
  11. 2.3 seconds on dail-up: https://www.amazon.com/Mobil-M1-212-Extended-Performance-Filter/dp/B004A6LUNG

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