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  1. I work with an idiot like that, loved gm trucks but now has a ford and it's the best truck ever. Funny thing is,he is the only ford truck in parking lot and it's surrounded by gm trucks. So yeah we ride him pretty hard.lol
  2. The cig lighter is always hot above the 110 outlet.
  3. Ok. I have the sle value package. I was surprised how many options it came with. Even a spray in bedliner.
  4. I have a 2015 Sierra sle. I thought my sle had everything you could get,but that one has adjustable pedals and park asst. Thought those only came on slt?
  5. Is the shake people are having mostly with Goodyear tires? My truck came with the Bridgestone A/T tires and I have 0 vibrations.
  6. Man I wish I would have known I could not use my Sierra for work or hauling stuff before i bought it. Maybe I'll sell it and get a chevy.
  7. I agree,they do market it more up scale. But I work with people like you that say"Oh you drive a professional grade truck". That drives me nuts,I bought it cause it was a good deal. Did not matter to me that it was a GMC. Not because I feel better about my self.
  8. Like everyone else has said. GMC little nicer inside and few more options. I was dead set on a chevy until the GMC dealer gave me same price as chevy I was looking at. For me I went with the GMC,same price few more options.
  9. Welcome. That's a nice upgrade.lol enjoy your new truck,sounds like a nice one.
  10. Welcome. I own a 15 Sierra have had it little over 2 years been a great truck. Hope you enjoy you're new truck!!
  11. I have read alot about the paint issues on the newer trucks.I Was over at a friend's house and was looking at his 2014 silverado LT. My question is...is the paint and clear thicker on 14'S then 15's? His just seemed like it had alot more clear over it then my 15 Sierra.
  12. That's it. Mine does that. Pretty sure it comes from speaker.
  13. My 15 does it every 3 or 4 months it is strange. Every thing still working fine. I guess I'm not going to worry about it. But I know what you are talking about.

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