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  1. 2015 gmc sle 5.3 29,000 all stock 0 oil consumption.
  2. Sounds pretty cool. My old 2015 won't get it...
  3. If you don't do alot if towing why would you change it? Manual recommends 100,000 miles.
  4. One thing I noticed is some channels sound real clear and some sound more muffled or mono sounding. Anyone else notice that?
  5. Maybe you should have bought a Colorado?
  6. Mine has been doing this also,took it dealer and they said can't duplicate it. So there for they don't want to do anything.It drives me crazy.
  7. I know what you mean,I miss my 06 z71 I had that truck 9 1/2 years only thing replaced a front left hub assembly. I agree the new 5.3 has more power but my 06 had no afm to worry about. Sometimes I think I should have just keep it to.
  8. If I had to i would get an slt. I like my sle but for a few bucks more I get the slt. Plus I really like the snow flake wheels on them.
  9. How is that possible with out a catch can? If you listen to some on here you're truck won't make it past 40 or 50 thousand with out one...lol
  10. I have thought about this to. I have a 15 Sierra and have thought about trading on an 18. I could keep my payment the same but I have a hard time knowing I have played over 10,000 already in payments on my 15. Is it really worth it to start over? I don't know. They have not changed that much.

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