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  1. Sounds like a 2LT is equivalent to my Sierra sle. I got the z71, power driver seat and heated seats. I believe it is called the sle value package?
  2. Yes it worked it's self out. It would do the clunk when coming to a stop,felt like it did not know what gear to find. Buts it all good now. No tune 100% stock. AFM works fine also. Alot of my friends have these same trucks with 0 issues.
  3. My 15 was the same way for the first 1000 or 2000 miles. I sold my 06 Silverado and got my 15 Sierra and thought holy crap this transmission is horrible. But now at 31,000 it is smooth silk and have no problems with it.
  4. Just read a 3 year study from JD Power on light duty trucks,and the 15 Silverado got a 5 out of 5 on reliability. Ford got 4 out of 5. Like others have said,people come hear to complain. I'm completely happy with my 15 Sierra.
  5. My Sierra z71 came with Bridgestone duelers on off road tires and the silverado I looked at was not even a z71 and it had the exact same tires. Both $200 dollar charge. So not a chevy/ GMC thing.
  6. Yeah,I don't understand it. Some people have had it covered under the power train warranty and some say they would not cover it. My 15 sierra had this problem also.
  7. Well all I can say if you are looking at a new truck and are going to get charged for A/T tires atleast make sure they are the Bridgestones.
  8. Well I guess this topic will help people look at the tires when they are on the lot looking at trucks.
  9. Heck even my friends new 100th anniversary silverado came with Bridgestone dueleras-on off road tires. But it should for 62,000 dollars. Ha!
  10. Maybe GM should put the wrangler ATS on them. It seem to be more aggressive then the SRA.
  11. Looked at my sticker again and mine reads.."on off road Blackwall tires" $200.00. This is nuts..lol
  12. How about this all this tire talk got me looking. My tires are Bridgestone but my spare is a Goodyear wrangler ATS. That really makes no sense.
  13. Yeah,I wonder why some have Goodyears and some have Bridgestone?
  14. I'm I the only one who's z71 came with the Bridgestone A/T's? Lol.

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