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  1. I have the Crew Cab version of your truck with the same colour and canopy - enjoy!
  2. It is amazing to me how manufacturers can change pickups year after year with enough design differences to evoke such strong opinions. If you put my and any other CC standard box pickups side by side built in the past 15 years (debadged and same color) most of my acquaintances would have a 50% chance of choosing my truck. I like the improvements/refinements that new trucks bring. The 2019's look like they'll be no exception!
  3. Stock height 1500's have an appeal of their own. I like to look at trucks on the lots in my free time. I am always drawn to the used unmolested, stock trucks. I really like the looks of Op's truck but the one on the left would present more initial appeal to me as a prospective buyer!
  4. Buying used has inherent risks that are worth taking if you see a significant cost saving. My experience is that the price of a good, unmolested late model truck is too close to a discounted new GM. Talk to a couple of dealerships and see what they can do for you. I purchased my '15 SLE as a heavily discounted yearend model. I've enjoyed over 2 years of worry free driving.
  5. I remembered that there is a section on this forum dedicated to tires etc. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/147-wheels-tires-tpms/
  6. Some other members would be surprised if I didn't put a plug in for Michelin Defenders from Costco. Also, take a look at this section of the forum for some good reading. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/147-wheels-tires-tpms/ BTW Wonderful looking kids! Enjoy every moment with them.
  7. Thanks! Getting old has its ups and downs, but the option to aging is far less desirable. I've heard and experienced the dry rot issue. In 2001 I inherited my father's pristine 1990 Cadillac. I had to replace his Michelins with 35k kms and 12 years of being on the car. I learned at that time that Michelin's may rot before they wear out. They do have a 6 year warranty and their compounds have evolved. The cost factor favors Michelin for me. Costco's point system, installation charge, Michelin's semi-annual sale, and convenience offset the higher cost. My current Defenders replaced my oem Bridgestones. They look similar but the traction on slippery roads is noticeable. In '09 I replaced my oem Firestone AT's with Michelins and '00 replaced my oem tires with Michelins. You may find a brand that is more visually appealing but I personally believe you currently own the right tire for your type of use.
  8. I'm with Logan and Grumpy! This forum is a good read but don't base your truck buying decision on the complaints. 2014-2018 Silverados and Sierras are great trucks. Use due diligence as you would when buying any new or used vehicle.
  9. Michelin has never let me down and Costco tire centers treat me well. Tire "looks" are very subjective. Where some will see gnarly, macho tires, others will see the same tires as noisy, fast wearing and rough riding. I never miss a day of driving and experience all types of weather/ road conditions on Canada's west coast.
  10. I read an argument on this forum supporting the heat reducing qualities of front tinted windows. I agree with this reason. If the tint is impairing your vision, then it is too dark. Adding tint that reduces vision to protect you from being seen, or to beautify your truck is wrong. It is potentially unsafe for the driver and pedestrians. Most of us have taken a corner at least once and found ourselves surprised by an unexpected pedestrian. Add poor driver visibility and risks are increased. Extra lights aren't going to help your case if illegal tint is found at the accident.
  11. Unlikely but the smoke and shatter could be separate issues. Left side windows are susceptible to debris being thrown up from passing motorists. I once had my driver's window blown out on my '86 Suburban at highway speed. I was having glass picked out of my ear that night!
  12. I wouldn't worry about not knowing how to do this particular procedure as I doubt you will face this problem again. Your chemical theory interests me. I once heard/read that hand sanitizer can play havoc on steering wheels. Maybe a previous regular driver or passenger had very germ free hands!
  13. 2016 GMC Sierra 1500

    Check your current wheel size. The smallest stock wheel size is 17". Post your current tire size on a tire conversion website and you will find equivalent diameter tire sizes for larger rims. Or, post your current size here and we can help!.
  14. I thought of OP's earlier thread while delivering meals to shut-ins after a recent snowstorm. My Michelin Defenders took me through rural icy roads up long unplowed, untraveled gravel driveways winding through hilly acreages. I drove effortlessly through conditions many A/T tire buyers won't ever experience. OP wants to replace his Defenders because of a poor experience on a sports field. I suspect replacing tires may not give him the improved performance he desires. A good AT may give the appearance he's after which in itself is a good reason to look for new tires. Switching out tires is expensive so I choose a good performing all-purpose tire. My truck looks like a grandpa truck and I have four grandchildren who will agree!
  15. Great upgrade from 08 -14. Both are great trucks but the new one will have a much nicer interior and be much more efficient to operate. I went from 09 - 15 a couple of years ago.

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