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  1. Wearing a hat while driving at night reduces glare from approaching headlights reflecting off the top of my head.... During the day I wear a hat to protect my head from the elements. I look forward to taking it off while driving!
  2. Your poor truck sure is a proverbial guinea pig! ;-)
  3. The safe won't stop thieves from breaking into your car to have a look. It is unfortunate that the park and ride didn't have security to be alerted by your truck's alarm system. I have a friend whose car was regularly broken into it in her buildings' parkade. She started leaving her car unlocked with some spare change in the cup holder.... (This solution is not for me, but it has saved her several hundreds of dollars in repairs!)
  4. I also have the jump seat and you have given me an idea. I have a little light that plugs into a USB port that would be perfect for the rare occasion I think a light would be useful. Maybe you may find a similar solution at computer accessory store.
  5. I've owned 6 cyl 1/2 tons from each decade back to the 60's. Current 6 cyl engines are putting out 2-3 times horsepower of the trucks I first owned. Spending many years hauling loads in trucks barely breaking a 100 hp gives one an appreciation for the new generation V6's!
  6. Great deal! I wish I could get my hands on your old wheels!
  7. Impressive mileage! ^ I have much heavier truck being a CC 4X4 and I have the 3.42 gear ratio. My best has been 10.0 L per 100km and this combination is rated to pull 7,000 lbs. My truck often needs to do the job of a sedan for seniors so it needs to be comfortable and easy to get in and out. If I only needed a truck for my projects, I'd like a base, regular cab, V6, 2wd, 5spd. manual, standard box 1500 series truck. (These are offered outside of US and Canada).
  8. It is sometimes more expedient to do simple repairs yourself, but if nuts or bolts were falling from my vehicle I'd definitely have it thoroughly checked out by my dealership. Warranties are to protect you from defects in parts and workmanship. Having a service record of minor flaws could help in the future.
  9. Why are you concerned about having this repaired by your dealer? This is definitely a warranty item.
  10. Yesterday I hit 33,333 kms on my 4.3 and I continue to be impressed with the performance of this engine. I am curious to hear impressions about the performance of this engine from new owners. There are many recent threads celebrating the 6.2 and 5.3 V8's so I thought I'd rekindle this older thread on the 4.3. GM's Silverado/Sierra base motor is no slouch and definitely worthy of recognition. I've covered many highway miles and I am always confident in the speed and acceleration provided by the 4.3 L V6.
  11. ^ This is good news, trucatfan! I would not pick a Fort Wayne truck solely as a guarantee of a worry free truck. The quality standards of assembly plants in North America that build the same vehicles are consistent. My Canadian built 2000 Silverado was perfect and so is my 2015 Sierra, which was assembled in Mexico. The reasons Americans prefer vehicles assembled in the US are no different than why I would prefer my truck assembled in Canada. I wouldn't believe for a moment that the quality of the end product would be better based on the country.
  12. Thanks for the video. This modification doesn't look too intimidating and it would be a great upgrade/refresh for our trucks. I imagine the blue and red dash light combination would be fine and only someone knowledgeable about gm's would notice the inconsistency in the dash light colors.
  13. Op said he was about to buy a 5th wheel trailer so I'm curious if he followed through with the purchase. Installing a sliding hitch and a new differential is a significant amount of cash that could help offset a vehicle trade. Driving overloaded for short distances may reduce the chances of a breakdown but doesn't make the trip any safer. I have driven trucks loaded to the bump stops in the past and would never endorse anyone doing this or purposely do again myself. It is not only the driver and passengers that are at risk in an overloaded vehicle.
  14. I believe you really need to broaden your search beyond your local area when looking for an "uncommon" configuration. The 6.5' box is common in my area as well. Dealerships will bring in the most popular sellers for their market area.

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