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  1. G80 is gone from my 01. I replaced it with the tru-trac and it's been awesome
  2. If it were me, I'd do the 6" with a 1.5" zone body lift. I have the body lift on my 01 and love it.
  3. It depends on how high you want it. Rough country has a 2", 4.5", and 6" kits for your truck. 2" is a levelin kit, 4.5" is a 3" spindle lift and 1.5" levelin kit, and the 6" is a full bracket 6" lift.
  4. I'd give Texas-speed a call and explain to them what you're lookin for. Prolly best option
  5. 6.2/6 speed on 33s gets 16-18 hwy depending on how fast i go...loaded down this weekend with 18' pipe trailer and 2 four wheelers and a lifted side x side with coolers and gear in the bed of the truck got 11 consistently doin 70mph in hill country. Has LT's, afe intake, dyno tune
  6. 12909 on mine as well...I can't speak for the drone or v4 mode as I went with LTs and no cats right off the bat. I did delete the flapper and the rear resonator and dumped it over the axle with a 5" tip. I love the way it sounds. Great muffler choice for the 6.2
  7. Seein that video above, the 6.2 wasn't that far behind. Considerin the elevation, id thought that it'd have been a bigger gap between the two. When I went to Colorado the performance seemed to drop big time, also makin me think down here it's a totally different race. Down here they'd be close stock for stock. One edge the other by a nose or so....mine has headers/intake/tune but is also on 33s. Puts out right at 400hp to the wheels or there abouts I'm guessin. It was 386hp/419tq with its current setup minus Intake then I added the afe momentum gt which supposedly does 20hp or so. All guesstimates but somewhere around in there number wise.
  8. I saw that video which is what made me think the new raptor would take my 6.2...bein in Houston area I guess that's not the case. Good to know
  9. I figured the raptor would take you no prob...I knows there's a weight difference with you in a rcsb but still impressive especially with you on 33s
  10. Maybe I'm simple...but my 14 ltz has to many options. I just wanted the 6.2 so I went with it. I don't think I've used half the options it has. But I will say I love the 6.2 and it rides great even with 33s. Interior is leaps and bounds over my old nnbs and my dads nnbs. No squeaks/rattles. Also helps I think I've been one of the lucky ones. I haven't had any shakes or vibration issues with mine. My wife had an Altima 3.5sr with the push start and the door handles you could push a button and get inside. At times it was nice, you didn't have to dig in your pockets with your hands full, but wasn't somethin I absolutely had to have. I didn't get one with a sunroof as I've heard to many stories of them leakin, wasn't really a priority of mine I guess. Plus my wife's Altima had one and then the Tahoe we got her recently has one so I get my fix. I don't need blind spot monitoring...part of drivin is bein aware of what's around you, I don't need a knob to show me how to back a trailer up, I don't need a 360 degree camera as I don't have many tight spaces around me. I don't live in the city I guess you could say, live on the outskirts and hate goin to the city so I avoid it at all costs. But being a truck guy, i do like the styling of the f150s and the eco is very impressive, I'd hate to get rid of a tried and true v8 that I'm really familiar with for a turbo'd v6 I don't know much about and have read plenty of issues about. All in all, I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't had issues out of his k2 I guess, which makes it easy to say I love my truck through and through. Congrats on the purchase, I hope it treats you better than the k2 you had did, if so then of course it was a good move. They all build quality trucks but I know there's a few that get out that aren't up to par. All bout what ya want at the time!
  11. Get a bigger hammer and turn the knuckle and hit it on each side if need be. Never had an issue even with rust buckets
  12. I've seen where someone made the old one work on their 16. I actually commented on another post on this site regarding the same question and had a screenshot of the poster who got it to work
  13. It does work, but won't necessarily help make the whole truck taller I guess. just the body. so the trans/transfer case/oil pan will all still be in the same spot. Guaranteed that if you took the 4" off, someone local would buy it. Hell I have a buddy looking for a 4" lift right now and I'm on the east side of Houston. I'd go taller suspension. The mcg 7-9" or the superlift 8" would be my choices. and over here we've been driving through foot and half deep water for 2 days. a little more height for clearance is no big deal. Doesn't take a genius to know where the limits are....although now a days it's hard to tell.
  14. I'd imagine a lot of dealers around here(east Houston) will have "specials" on trucks with "none to minimal water damage". Needless to say I wouldn't be in the market for a truck around here right now.

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