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  1. I don't have personal experience with the older gen LH9 but a co-worker of mine traded his 2010 denali for a 2017 with the L86 and he says although the new gen motor is quieter its noticeably more potent and on top of that I can tell you the difference in build quality in the new 2014 and up trucks is night and day compared to the 07-13. I love my L86 and i'm not sure what "plagued with issues" some have mentioned is referring too but I have not had anything to complain about on this truck, nothing mechanical and no squeaks rattles, loose panels NOTHING. It has hands down been the best built most refined truck I've ever experienced, I'm a sucker for a good deal and I love this gen of GM trucks i'd say go for an 18, let the 2019 guinea pigs figure out the bugs on the new truck then if you are so inclined trade your 2018 on a 2020
  2. I wouldn't be too concerned so long as it only rises briefly then pulls back to ~210ish The ecotec3 motors use electric fans for additional cooling not hooked up permanently to the motor like in the Hemi's and other V8's. This makes them more fuel efficient but as a result the trucks computer is constantly turning on and off the fan biased on engine temps so while you're driving down the road normally the fan is off, then when you downshift to pass or hit a grade and the engine beings to work harder the temp momentary increases slightly before the computer can activate the fans and bring temps back in check.
  3. My 17 silverado came with the Good Year Eagle LS2 tires, they are definitely A road bias tires no good for off-roading at all and the tread wear rating is only 360 so it likely wont last all that long, however the shorter tread life is likely due to its soft construction which does give it quite a cushy ride. I imagine the conti's have a higher tread wear number and thus trade ride quality for longer life. Anyways if you are interested in a softer ride stop by your local GM dealer and you can usually pick up a new set of Good Year LS2 "take-off" tires for big discounts at the dealer it might not make a massive difference compared to downsizing the rim but I think there would still be a decent improvement.
  4. I have owned three of the 5.3 Ecotec3 engines prior to my current 6.2 ecotec all of which managed consistent low 20's for mpg with about 90% highway (completely stock). More specifically to answer what I think the original question was I never noticed any significant mpg improvements in any of my new trucks the mpg achieved over my first 5,000k was consistent though to ~50,000k My guess is the mpg you are seeing now is what you will continue to see, dont expect the truck to drastically improve.
  5. Drying Towel

    For what its worth I have always just bought the large green microfiber drying towels from Walmart, they have worked just as well as the CG microfiber towels for a fraction of the price, I use CG MR.PINK soap which I have been very happy with.
  6. Well said! I can 100% second this advice. If you are going to drive icy/winter roads regularly its well worth the upfront cost to get a set of winter rims/tires I use Michelin "LTX Winter" they have performed very well in icy slick road conditions they are E Load rated so perfect for HD trucks. Although the factory A/T tires will bite well in deep snow they still get rock hard in the cold and wont provide much adhesion to the ice compared to the winter specific rubber the difference is night and day, I can go outside on a frigid morning and the tread blocks on my LTX tires still have flex when pushed with my index finger, its that flex at cold weather that allows it to safely stop and steer your truck in the worst of conditions. If you've never experience winter tires you may say A/T tires work fine but once you have a set of winter tires you will never settle for anything less!
  7. I cant personally speak to the 4.3 performance however I would guess the jump from the 4.3 to the 5.3 would be similar to the jump between the 5.3 and the 6.2. GM seems to have used the same trans programming and throttle response in all the ecotec3 engines so while soft footing it around town or on the highway unloaded I can tell you my 2016 5.3 felt very much the same as my 17 6.2 however when you go WOT to pass on the highway or have a trailer of any sort of sizable weight hooked up behind it the large displacement motor definitely makes its presence known. I imagine if you test drove the 5.3 with a trailer you would notice the difference however if this is mostly just a runabout truck and you don't plan on towing any larger sized trailers I would think the 4.3 would be a great choice especially in a lightweight RC/SB model, plus you might be able to pick up an extra mpg or two in town at least!
  8. PJ Dump Trailer

    Looks great, i'd love to get a hydraulic dump trailer in the future. Lets see a pic of it once you pick er up!
  9. First time here :) 2017 Silverado Z71 with Volkracing TE37 Wheels

    Looks awesome! Really like how well integrated those AMP powersteps are, is there much retrofitting required to make them operate properly? I like the design of those better then the factory power board that only slide in/out and dont really tuck out of the way at all.
  10. Top Truck Colors - What's Your Guess?

    My Graphite metallic Silverado is sort of an off green/grey color so if you count that I'm in the 1% lol
  11. Havent personally ever had this issue with my 17' but perhaps you could try the old top gear method: 1) Stand just beyond whatever point the remote entry stops working 2) Hold the end of the remote tight against the temple of your head and press the lock or unlock button This will allow your body to become essentially a large radio antenna booster so If the remote entry then works its an easy way to know its a weak signal issue either from a low battery in the remote or an issue with the receiver within the truck.
  12. My factory height Silverado with the stock 275/55/R20 rubber is 37" front and 39" rear from ground to top of the wheel well so 2" factory rake. My guess would be you have a 1.5 inch level kit, biased on your .5 inch current rake
  13. New truck, new trailer, new to this!

    I think your thoughts to go with a Silverado 1500 are absolutely bang on for the type of driving and towing you want to do. Yes on every forum there will always be people who will say anything more then a utility trailer requires a heavy duty to be safe but thats simply not true with the modern GM trucks, the hyroformed steel frame, brakes, suspension and transmission of the 1500 is more then capable of handling a 6-7,000lb trailer safely. I tow my 8.5x24ft enclosed trailer about once a month loaded to around 7,500lbs and usually travel anywhere from 200-500 miles with 4 guys in the cab of the truck, it squats about 2.5 inches but rides very smooth I have never experienced any major sway or undulation when on rough roads. Yes if towing/hauling is all you do there is no doubt a 2500+ series truck is a beefier platform and would be more suited to that lifestyle but a heavy duty is a pig to daily drive compared to the 1500, and the difference in ride quality is night and day, I would not want to commute for long periods unloaded with a heavy duty. If you are like me and tow occasionally and tow less then 10k do yourself a favor and stick with your initial gut feeling, a 1500 is the right truck for you. Plus the majority of the time when you need your truck to just be an unloaded commuter vehicle the 1500 blows the heavy duty out of the water, it has vastly superior fuel mileage when unloaded as well as a smooth quiet ride. There are only three options you need to have on your new truck: -Tow Package (max is great but not necessary) -3.42 gearing -trailer brake controller
  14. I put about 100 miles per day on my trucks almost exclusively highway, My current 2017 Silverado is a 6.2 but i've owned several 5.3's in the past. I have found my highway mileage to be notably better in the 5.3 equipped with the 8-speed versus the older 6-speed my previous two trucks a 2016 Silverado High Country 5.3/8-speed with 3.42 gears returned a lifetime average of 20mpg (hand calculated) and my 2015 GMC Sierra Double cab 5.3/6-speed with 3.42 gears returned a lifetime average of 18.5mpg both are over a 1 year period and include a mix of cold winters and hot summers.
  15. New to site

    Welcome! Truck looks great with those BFG tires, did you have the front windows tinted as well they look good but definitely darker then stock in the pics if so do you know what % tint they are?

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