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  1. I had the exact same problem on my 2014 High Country sunroof. The bellows piece of rubber on the passenger side would constantly come loose, and fall off. A little bead of clear Gorilla Glue fixed it. With that said, you'd think that for a $50k truck, little crap like this wouldn't be an issue.
  2. Welcome Back! I looked at a 2017 Colorado Z71 on the dealer lot a couple weeks ago - very tasty. Looking forward to hearing how you like it, as you drive it for a while. Particularly the differences between you full size truck. Cheers - Rick
  3. When it isn't raining, my truck is always covered by a Platinum Shield Truck Cover, from Carcovers.com. The water I wiped off the window was completely clear water, no residue. I think it was the cheap sunshade that caused the condensation. I'll be ordering a Covercraft UVS 100 today. Thanks for the tip, Tom.
  4. Various Pics

  5. My ventilation system is most always set to the "recirculate" setting, I just went down to do the paper towel test, Tom suggested, and both sides were completely dry. As I was getting ready to close the doors, it occurred to me that maybe my sun shade across the windshield had been the culprit? Picture attached.
  6. I hadn't driven it in just over a month. It has also rained VERY heavily here for the past month or so.
  7. Thanks, Tom - that's a great idea! I'll try it tomorrow afternoon, when I get home from work.
  8. Just got home, and went straight to the truck, pulled up my Weather Tech mats on driver & passenger side, and no moisture was felt. Thanks for the suggestion Pacfanweb - Appreciate it I'll check the roof liner and carpets again tomorrow, after more rain happens overnight.
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys. I just got home from work, and checked the headliner, the area around the sunroof, both side window columns, and the floors - no noticeable moisture, or signs of leaking was present. I've heard about the leaky antennas before. We're unfortunately expecting more rain here, from Thursday through next Wednesday. I'll do a daily check after work for any possible moisture.
  10. Very tasty new ride, but I liked your 2014 better ;) Welcome back, Brother!
  11. Admittedly, I don't drive my truck very often, AND it's been horrifically rainy here in Northern CA., but after a month of my truck sitting in the driveway, I got into it yesterday and the inside of my windows were all wet? Anyone else have a similar issue with a newer Silverado? I've only got 24k miles on my 2014 High Country. Thanks, Rick
  12. I've got an Android phone also, but would have expected with such a high dollar truck, and $150 nav upgrade, that it would get better, not worse ya' know!?!? The nav system in my buddies 2014 Lexus sedan BLOWS my trucks system away...........
  13. I recently updated the Navigation system in my 2014 High Country, to the newest 2016/17 disc, and it is now WORSE than the original, in terms of providing clear, on-time driving instructions. Curious if anyone else is experiencing this also? Thanks - Rick
  14. I had this same issue, and like another poster recommended, I just put a couple of felt pads under the lid, and the squeak disappeared instantly.

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