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  1. Well, went out to my truck and got the invoice so I could enter info correctly. COOLER FLUSH CODE [email protected] CYCLE 1005 OADBCF4 COMPLETED. PERFORMED FAST LEARN/ADAPTIVE TEST DRIVE, SHUDDER ELIMINATED, PERFORMED FAST LEARN TEST DRIVE. NORMAL OPERATION RESTORED. 8480478 FLUSH AND DRAIN FLUIDS FOR TRANSMISSION SHAKE AND/OR SHUDDER REPAIR. 25W 1 24274402 filter 23 19353429 fluid FC: 3065 Part#:. 24274402 Count:. 1 Performed 16-NA-175 8480478 3.00 following 16-NA-175, complete fluid exchange to LV FLUID, test drive, shudder was eliminated performed fast learn and adaptive test drive, shift concerns were eliminated. QC test drive with shop foreman, total miles 47, normal operation restored. Cooler flush code [email protected] cycle 1005 0ADBCF4 completed. whew, I don't have a clue what much of this info means but if helpful you're welcome to use it. good luck!
  2. Obscenejesster (I like your handle), my guess is either your tires need balancing or you need a front end alignment. Being your truck is a 2016 I'm assuming you have some miles on it? If so, inspect your front tires for any irregular wear or scuffing, especially on the inner and outer edges. If there is any indication of this I would have the tires rotated and balanced as a start. If problem still exists I would have the front end aligned. However, if your tires are worn and close to needing replacement I would do this first then have both balancing and alignment done. Btw, none requested suggestion;. I run Michelin tires, in my opinion can't go wrong with them. Good luck 😊!
  3. Hey Bullshark, you must have me confused with another Snoringbear. I haven't replaced shocks or anything else except tires. My truck is still 100% factory stock. I'm fortunate that my truck doesn't have the dreaded Chevy Shake - yet. I did have torque converter shudder a few months ago which was fixed by the SB procedure; complete drain and flush of transmission including cooler, refill with new type tranny fluid (23 gallons) replaced filter. No shudder now. Truck does ride rougher than my 2008 though. However, this truck is a 4X4 with towing package so guessing it has stiffer suspension than previous truck. But, I'm getting older and less tolerant of constant thumpity thump of expansion joints and road feel from anti-skid groves scribed in the pavement. I want to stay in a truck though as I tow a 6,200 lb TT occasionally. Besides, my family says a truck "is me" so gotta stay with a truck, lol 😏...
  4. Was reading my latest Truck Trend magazine and came across this article. http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/chassis-suspension/1709-explained-tennecos-driv-electronic-suspension/ caused me me to think of you that are afflicted with the Chevy Shake. Read the article, just might be the solution. I do believe SS is real, but I think that the root cause is varied and manifests itself through the non-forgiving rigid high tensil frame along with the sucky obsolete rear leaf spring suspension system. Anyway, this new Tenneco system sounds interesting. Check out the article...
  5. Took your advise and found this link. Seems to provide pretty good info. Apparently GM has acknowledged that there can be a problem with some vehicles. https://parts.olathetoyota.com/blog/4920/gmc-chevy-afm-oil-consumption just a side note; my driver prior to my current 2015 Silverado 6.2 was a 2008 Silverado 5.3. It had AFM and at 140,000 miles when I traded it in engine was still tight, maybe down a half quart at 5,000 mile oil change time, especially if I had been doing some long distance towing. Btw, my current driver, 2015 Silverdo 6.2 is tight as a drum, zero oil consumption. Just another input from my search; appears the recommended 0 / 20 weight oil having lower viscosity than previous recommended weights can cause oil consumption if engine tolerances aren't tight enough.
  6. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    Yup, never ends. The Arlington plant that has been able to not only protect its operation but expand it as well. They now build (final assembly) Suburbans, Tahoes, GMC versions, Escalades. Not only is their cost excellent so is Productivity, quality and Mgmt/labor relations. Consequently, their total cost of business is excellent which is why GM decided to expand the plant foot print. Btw, I know where Nova Scotia is - it's north of the Red River, right? Thought so 😉....
  7. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    Yeah; quick story. I'm retired now but worked 35 years for a semiconductor company. My company decided to relocate an operation from Texas to Mexico which we did. Naturally, the folks at the texas plant were bitter about it. About five years later the decision was made to relocate this same operation from Mexico to China. And, I was involved in the relocation and subsequent startup in China. One evening while having dinner with some of the Mexican team they got to talking (lots of margaritas and tequila shooters) about how unfair it was to pull up the operation and move it to China. I didn't say much, just listened. But, thought to myself that they probably didn't show much sympathy for the U.S. folks when their operation was relocated to Mexico. Guess maybe the "what goes around comes around" rule may have applied in this instance, don't know...
  8. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    That sucks for sure. Don't know what the answer is though....
  9. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    Umm, what isn't about the money?
  10. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    How much of one hour's wages goes to union dues? Just curious....
  11. The automotive industry is evolving at warp speed these days. Predicting what a truck will be like ten years from now is risky business for sure. Trucks, due to the nature of their use, will have to retain their ability to be operated manually whereas people haulers will to transition toward autonomous driving. Then, there's power supply; will gas/diesel (hydrocarbons) still dominate, electric, hybrid, hydrogen? Personally, I'm having trouble processing the current demise of the V-8. The thought of an electric truck depresses me. No more dual exhaust rumble 😖.....
  12. How/why would AFM cause excessive oil consumption? Not being argumentative just wanting to learn.
  13. The first thing I would do is run first a dry compression check on all cylinders then repeat with a wet compression test. And be sure to write down the results. Look for excessive psi variation.

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