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  1. Change em when you want. New struts feel great compared to old.
  2. Nice, rhey gaVe you another truck? That’s mighty nice of them.
  3. Damn another issue to complain about. Just as I said my truck is running great I expierence this engine miss when getting on freeways and accelerating from stops.
  4. My trucks running great!

    Could be it’s finally cool temps here in Northern California.
  5. My trucks running great!

    Yep, since 1k the trucks had vibes. I complained about it and took the truck to the dealer that acted like I was crazy after they test drove it. Had leaky rear stock shocks, hence the after market changes. They didn’t catch the leaky shock. Said truck ran like new! So I was pissed ever since. Then around somewhere around 27k truck would shake at 70-80 like wheels out of round. I’ve paid for at least 6 wheel balances since and new tires. So I dunno why or how shake is gone. “Don’t touch my settings” i cant say its smooth as silk but shake is gone.
  6. Not a bad deal considering it’s a dealer trade in. Private sale you could do better, but you gotta work a little.
  7. What's in your emergency truck tool box?

    This last month this E-packing became so serious for me and my family. We where 3 miles from the redwood complex fire. I had to get into evacuation mode and truck was loaded with camp gear, important documents, clothes etc from our house. My truck stayed packed like this for a week until the fire danger was gone. Scary moment waking up to fire all across the landscape pre dawn. The sound of propane tanks exploding as fire sweeped across neighborhoods was ominous.
  8. My trucks running great!

    No shake at 80, vibrations are minimal. Only changes lately are personal oil change with 8.5 quarts not 9. I can see oil at full mark for the first time since buying truck and not beyond. Rancho adjustable shocks all around at setting 1 on fronts 3 on back. I keep driving 80 everywhere in amazement. Such a relief!
  9. So after the free oil changes I realized it would take at least an hour or a little more to get oil changed for 80$ Even with appointment. And each oil change the dip stick would say its 1qt overfilled. so I decided to start changing the oil myself. And In doing this I learned a big lesson late in life. make sure the damn o-ring is still in the old filter! This has never happend to me ever! Embarrassing as heck! Oil everywhere, luckily I was out by the old shed and not on my concrete. Had to clean up my toxic waste and now somehow clean the bottom of my truck. So even after all that I'm still changing my own oil from here on out. another thing I learned is that after 5k the oil filter gets really hard to get off. The old filter Deforms from trying to break it free it get so tight. i use dexos o- 20w.
  10. Chevy Colorado Shakes

    Dang I hate for ya. hopefilly they will give you another truck!
  11. What's in your emergency truck tool box?

    Wet wipes and a porta-potty for my 3 year old that does not like to take dunks in public bathrooms. He will hold it all weekend while we are camping only to come home late Sunday and blow it up proper. So that's why I add these to my list for now.
  12. They compare the 2 cause little wankers justify driving big diesels over lil light duties for daily driving without carrying payloads nor trailers. Thinking they are getting just as good mpg's.
  13. My favorite combo to help eleminate the porposing Is 4600's in front and rancho adjustables in rear. 4600'' all around are a firm true pick up feel. Rancho adjustable all around are a little bouncy but less vibrations. This is my present set-up and enjoy the ride on our beat up country roads.

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