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  1. do you happen to have a copy of the dealer invoice for the repair they did to the steering gear? thanks!
  2. thanks! I tried to sell her on a Tahoe Premier but she really wants a Denali, we will see!
  3. Just got my truck back, the complete steering column was replaced, then they replaced some coil behind the wheel as well. Picked it up and it was in the shade, 75 degrees out. Drove 15 minutes and the sound came back exactly as it was before I am at a loss now. it is not a terrible sound and it has had zero effect on turning the wheel, you can only hear it with windows up, ac off, radio off and turning either at a stop or really low speeds. No passengers can even hear it, but I can and my only fear is eventually whatever is making that noise is going to break, even though apparently the whole column is new. To better describe it it almost sounds like pulling out a tape measure and that periodic binding sound?? I took a video, I need to post
  4. My wife currently drives a 2014 Caddy ATS and with a 4 and 1 year old, it is just too small. She enjoys driving my 2015 crew cab Silverado LTZ and feels more comfortable and safe, so driving the Yukon should be fine. Ideally she wanted an Escalade, but that price is just not feasible. So while we are still considering a Tahoe Premier, it looks like a 2017 Yukon SLT (loaded) or a lower level Denali is what we are going to settle with. So while I know the features and things to be mindful of are fairly similar to my 2015 Silverado LTZ, please school me on the things you love about your Yukon/Tahoe and what to look out for. I am shooting for a 5.3 6 speed as I know the downsides of the 8 speed in my truck thank you
  5. they replaced my column, just called and said the click is still there.....
  6. Trucks and BBQ

  7. I disagree, there are plenty of people with the noise and no level.
  8. they are going to replace the steering column on Thursday. hopefully that does the trick
  9. So I am sitting at the dealer now, they are doing my last free oil change and trying to diagnose the steering wheel clicking. The repair at the last oil change did nothing, so it will be interesting to hear what they say.......
  10. this is a few weeks old.....about 1030 at night in Savannah GA. 1230 that afternoon, as I was putting the last board over the front window of my house and preparing for Hurricane Irma, I got a call from a neighbor. He said the roads are clear and he has been driving traffic free for 2 hours. at the time we were expecting a direct hit from a category 3 hurricane in 24 hours time and with a 4 year old and 11 month old I was nervous as all hell. I hollered in and told my wife and sister, they had 30 mins to pack up. we jammed the Silverado with everything we thought we would need, food, life jackets(my wife is a typical worried mom) a jack, some tools, clothes, water and 2 gas cans. my sister and two boys jumped in the back and we took off. this is my sister unloading some of our "supplies". I love this truck and after this trip I love it even more. Luckily the storm shifted and lost power and other than a few downed trees and some debris in the yard, my house was fine! we got lucky
  11. I do like your wheels and the white letter tires, they go well with your truck. maybe just a 1.5" front level? just seems for a "z71 offroad" these trucks are too low in the front. my opinon....
  12. nothing makes a car look better and sets it apart from the crowd more than a nicely selected wheel/tire package!! Maybe it's just my personal addiction, but I always do custom wheels on my vehicles
  13. GM tech, will you be "the one"!?

    IRADIUM PLUGS used but good!

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