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  1. IMO I would only buy a 5.3, 3.42 gears. Difference in cost would be little if any used. If you want to add bigger tires or tow some with it your set.
  2. Check with your local GM or Chevy dealer would be my preference. Should have a better warranty and you can talk to them if there is a problem face to face.
  3. My 2012 5.3, 6 speed with 60+k miles averages 15.9 life time on the DIC. Hand calc. is real close to that. Mountain driving exclusively. Elevation changes up to 3200 ft. Top Tier fuel only. 87 octane only.
  4. Go to the dealers lot and look at other trucks to see if they have it.
  5. New Member Rant

  6. How important is $285 or $250? As long as the A/C doesn't need recharged, I'd do it myself.
  7. 2013 GMC SIERRA 5.3 lifter issue

    Do you fell comfortable taking on this repair? Do some research. Watch some videos for intake, lifter removal. Torque wrench would be required IMO.
  8. 2008 GMC 5.3

    NO IMO
  9. 2009 6.0L AFM delete

    I would go with a GM block from my local dealer. More money but probably a better warranty and if any issues someone to talk to face to face.
  10. IMO I don't think you can make a determination weather this lifter will last. If you're sure this is whats making the noise it has a problem.
  11. IMO Grumpy Bear was offering sound advice, not bashing you. You're age (guessing still wet behind the ears) and your level of mental ability are shining through. Weather you like it or not there are people who have forgotten more than you know.



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