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  1. Ok everyone let it be known that these numbers aren’t correct and the order guide is wrong. Lol. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong and be the first one to admit it and you do the same. Hey I hope you are right. And if you are correct the numbers won’t drastically change anyway.
  2. Why wouldn’t they be right? I assure you they are correct. Plain as day in the order guide.
  3. Yeah I would like to have the adaptive cruise but it’s not a deal breaker. The HD cameras will be nice because the current ones are crap. I really wanted the RST with the 6.2 but I have a HC now with the 6.2 and 2wd. Didn’t really want 4wd but I will still be getting the truck. The 10 spd and lower overall weight will be nice and the truck really didn’t need more power but would of been nice.
  4. Yeah didn’t see that either. That would of been nice to have since the F150 already has it. Not sure about the Dodge Ram.
  5. I’m shocked that the power ratings stayed the same. I know it will be 450 lbs lighter in some models. Then the 6.2 goes down 10 lbs of tq down to 450? Then you have to get 4wd to even get the 6.2? Disappointing.
  6. No this is for the all new 2019 Silverado’s. I’m pretty disappointed also for many reasons. First the only models available to get the 6.2 are the LTZ and High Country. Which is the same as last the 2018 models. Also I wanted either the RST or the high country with the 6.2. Well can’t get the RST with the 6.2. Then If you want the 6.2 in the high country you HAVE to get 4wd? WTF?! I have a 2016 HC with the 6.2 and 2wd. I am very disappointed. Also the 6.2 went to 425 hp then down to 450 tq?! Lol
  7. Maybe I’m the only that wants one. At least the option to get it.
  8. Your probably pretty close or right on.
  9. Does anyone know when we will be able to view the ordering guide that shows all the options and packages availible? It’s usually on a GM ordering website. Not sure the actual term for it.
  10. No they said 6 different powertrain combinations. So probably one more engine option left.
  11. I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but I have heard that they won’t be tunable and locked from the factory.
  12. I wouldn’t count out the 10 spd for the 5.3 in the LTZ and the high country. That would bring the powertrain combinations to 4. We have 3 now, the diesel with the 10 spd, the 6.2 with the 10 spd and the 5.3 with the 8 spd. Then one more engine that uses the 8 spd and the 10 spd then you have your 6 combinations. Highly doubt there will be 2 more engine choices. Either gonna be the turbo 4cyl that has been rumored or a V6 either with a turbo or not.
  13. I’m guessing the 5.3 will be 375hp/400tq and the 6.2 will be 450hp/470tq. Might as well guess on the 3.0 diesel 250hp/ 440tq

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