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  1. Thanks...yeah I had some time to dig into it further and determined just about what you stated. I do have rack and pinion, therefore no pitman arm, idler arm, steering gear, etc. Looks like upper and lower control arms come complete with bushings and ball joints. I'm then looking at inner and outer tie rods and new rack and pinion bellows. I have replaced the hubs (wheel bearings) in the past, but I need to check how long ago that was. And the stabilizer links and bushings were also replaced. Just over $500 from RockAuto for the parts above. Add either hubs or brake pads to that and I should be good.
  2. Howdy guys! It has been awhile since I've posted anything as life has been crazy and the 2007 Avalanche 1500 2WD has been good. However, with almost 150,000 miles now, the front end is starting to feel loose and noises abound. I think it is time for some maintenance. I'm trying to determine what all I should replace. Might as well do it all while it is apart. All work will be performed by me in my garage. I know I've gotta replace the ball joints and tie rod ends. Upper ball joints aren't replaceable alone, have to replace the entire control arm. Going to get the control arms complete with ball joint and bushings. Might as well do the same for the lowers and make it easy on myself. What else should I replace? Pitman arm? Any other steering components? I was all bearings, joints, bushings to be replaced, I just don't know what all is down there. I'm also having some squeaking/squealing and I'm wondering if I should replace the front hubs. Maybe a front brake job while I'm at it?
  3. '13 Camaro SS

    My 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS/RS
  4. First some history... For the past year or so now I have been trying to get rid of a squeak/squeal that my wife has been hearing on my 2007 Avalanche. I have gone down many different avenues including rear brakes, front hubs, u-joints, all 4 shocks, and finally front brakes. The squeak/squeal was finally fixed...not sure why it was the front brakes as they were the newest of anything when the search for the squeak/squeak began. In any case, prior to changing the u-joints there was no vibration. Afterwards, there is a vibration that begins at about 72 MPH and gets better at around 78 MPH (roughly 70 to 80). I changed out the u-joints myself and I have checked and rechecked my work. The stock waxed-in u-joints were removed and replaced with MOOG/Precision part number 234. After reading some posts on this and other forums, I even rotated the yolk and driveshaft 180° as recommended by some. Being at my wits end, I took it to a local shop last week to have them look at it and see what they thought the problem was expecting them to have to balance the driveshaft. The shop checked everything and gave me kudos for the workmanship stating that it is "better than they have seen from some other local shops". They said everything looked fine with the driveshaft...no missing weights, no apparent damage from the u-joint swap. They concluded that the speed-specific vibration was a tire issue and recommended that I have the tires balanced/rotated. After balance and rotation, the vibration still remains. The tire shop did a thorough inspection of the wheels and tires while performing the balance/rotation and said everything looked good (by the way, these are the same wheels/tire before and after the u-joint swap). Where do I go from here? Do I take it back to the shop and pay the "several hundred dollars" to have the driveshaft removed and balance checked? The shop is reluctant to do this as they said a driveshaft vibration will begin at lower speeds and just continue to get worse as speed increases. I give them credit for not trying to get me to do unnecessary work. Did I use the wrong u-joints? Is there a make/model or part number that I should have used instead? Is there anything else that I should look at? Just a thought...could it have anything to do with the shocks? Those were replaced the same time as the u-joints. I don't see how it could be related, but just thought I would throw it out there as I'm at a loss here. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I'll put my vote in for Blackbear Autocal and a backup camera.
  6. GM OEM OnStar Camera Mirror

    I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche that I am thinking about adding a backup camera to. I really like the screen in the rearview mirror. What would I need to get this to work in my vehicle?
  7. OEM Torsion Bar Keys for sale

    I've still got one set of OEM Torsion Bar Keys from a 2000/2001 Silverado/Tahoe...you cover shipping, USPS $6.10 for small flat rate box, and they are yours!
  8. Haynes Repair Manuals

    Haynes Repair Manual no. 24065 still available.
  9. No more rear badges. Cleannnn.

    Looks good. I wouldn't be able to leave my rear bowtie off my '07 Avalanche...there are holes in the tailgate I'm guessing for alignment. Just FYI for those of you wanting to remove it...there might be holes under there.
  10. Rear

    The emblems don't have to be removed to plasti-dip them. Just mask the area around, spray several coats, then the emblems will "cut" the plasti-dip allowing the excess to be removed. See my topic here for more details. Gig 'Em! Class of '99. WHOOP!
  11. Anyone Live In Spring? Or Houston Tx?

    Katy area but work in Houston.
  12. Full Detail Was In Order

    Looking good! Gotta love red!
  13. Tangerine Dream meets horse trailer and.... yea

    Very cool!!
  14. Good point. I know in the mornings it is a little shady sometimes. I have passed the building and come back later on one or two occasions. I try to park right next to the building entrance and have sat in the truck for awhile waiting for "the coast to be clear". But I do agree...leaving it in the truck is just trouble in the making. I don't really know of a better solution since I'm not supposed to take in it. In any case, back to the original purpose of this post...where IS the best place to conceal a weapon?

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