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  1. I wanted to share my experience with this user (Denali62) so somebody else does not end up in the same position I am in. 


    I purchased this intake on 11/28/17. It was shipped on 12/1/17. I received it on 12/4/17. It arrived in fair to poor condition. The air filter was extremely dirty and many of the pleats were bent. Several of the smaller parts (Seal, hose clamps, screws, coupling, hoses, etc.) were missing. I contacted him on 12/4/17. He said that he probably had the parts and would send them. On 12/5/17 he said he had the parts ready to ship. 


    Fast forward to 12/11/17. I had not heard from him. I reached out to him again with no response. On 12/15/17 I emailed his personal email address and asked if the parts were shipped. He said yes, but could not provide a tracking number. 


    On 12/20/17 I texted him to ask him for a full refund or to cover the cost to purchase the parts from AFE. 


    As it stands now I have not heard from him since 12/15/17 and have not received the parts. 


    Buyer beware on this user. 

  2. No I’m actually waiting on my heads to be gone through and set up I had something in my cam drive let go bent 5 intake valves. I’m doing a fresh valvetrain and vvt delete with Cloyes extreme race ls3 set with z chain. I will take the valvetrain I had in and inspect every part very thoroughly and discard any unviable parts. The rest will get used in my other (spare) engine (dry sleeved 454)
  3. Sorry it’s a dry 4s or whatever my apologies lol
  4. 325 PayPal, or 275 PayPal gift shipped 2 day priority. Mails immediately . Around 10k on it. Never cleaned the filter as it’s not even dirty. But I’ll clean it and oil it before shipping as well.
  5. Also for informations sake the blower pulley I will be attempting to fit is for a lt4 ctsv with the whipple kit. May be dead on but could require some adaptation.
  6. I just felt the need to update here since it is a saga from the start. the truck was doing great hit a 4.3 0-60 on the 37” and was ready to lower it down, got all the parts to do the 15” conversion, and ordered 30 gallons of methanol, and something gave way in the cam drive (still tbt). At least will need some valves and a heavy inspection as well as a new timing setup. This sickens me to the point I am doing a Katech vvt delete front cover and ls3 timing gear. C7r chain. Also I have the 8 rib setup with 10% od balancer from iwest coming Friday and waiting on a weapon x 3.00 pulley with griptec and whipple is sending me a 2.75 which I’ll send to zpe. I’ll have to be careful with either as I’ve already established it will zing up to 7000 which would put blower speed at 18481 @6700 with the 3.00 and 19309 same 3.0 at 7000. The max speed recommended by whipwhip is 18k. I’ll set my limiter at 6400 with the 2.75” and be at 192xx. Who knows what boost and power will do but should be 14psi if I’m running 7 now with a stock lower and 3.625 upper
  7. Well just to give an update I have the first complete set of 8 rib pulleys coming from innovators West. Plus three more iw pulleys to replace the 6 rib idlers on my whipples idler bracket. Also got a 3.00 inch griptec’d pulley from weapon x. Will post pics of the install and my review as soon as I can get them installed. Thanks for everyone’s support!
  8. Thanks I really have to agree coming from a destroyer of 2 stock long block l86’s. Drive them hard and they are not nearly as reliable as the previous generation. I guess there really is reason for me to state that there may be a piston situation with them. Both times number one ring lands? Rubbish i did an 4 hi run to 60 last night using my obd link and dash Command. 4.33 seconds! Aiming for sub 4 seconds. I cannot believe nothing broke
  9. I called them and verified. Thanks a lot. But now I’m stuck trying to pick a tire that will not look too small. I’m most likely just goin to do 2” rear drop at first then add the rest of the 2/4 kit later. I’m thinking a 32x13-14 R15 will be bare minimum to hook any kind of launch off of a brake stall in 2wd. My shop says that 10.5-11.5 will hook so I’m gonna take their advice. Plus an inch or so. I have a set of 20” continental dws off of my bmw they would be perfect for an awd launch. But they are a little short even for the 2/4. I wish I could get a 4/6 on a 4wd magneride Denali
  10. I am wanting to cut the best time and Mph I possibly can so I’m looking at 15” wheels and slicks but in order to get the perfect size I must go to a 15 because there are a lot more sizes. So I can either run s10 brakes or machine a set of calipers down for when I’m running the 15” and swap back when I’m not. Does anyone know if the 1320.com brackets work on our trucks? Thanks
  11. Estimating it to be at 800 flywheel. Just wanted to post this in a fresh thread since my “ordered a whipple” thread is so up and down twisting it’s hard to even read. Dyno run attached. 7psi and the tuner most likely would have gotten about 60 more if held to 6700 3DFD0234-017C-4FAD-BE73-23AB5807C71A.bmp
  12. The truck is still getting the last little kinks worked out of the part throttle trans tuning but here is a graph from a 4th gear pull that was still climbing hard 93 octane and meth , heavy engine torque management 7062E40F-B8B2-44F3-8D67-39D63EAB5F4C.bmp

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