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  1. Thanks I really have to agree coming from a destroyer of 2 stock long block l86’s. Drive them hard and they are not nearly as reliable as the previous generation. I guess there really is reason for me to state that there may be a piston situation with them. Both times number one ring lands? Rubbish i did an 4 hi run to 60 last night using my obd link and dash Command. 4.33 seconds! Aiming for sub 4 seconds. I cannot believe nothing broke
  2. I called them and verified. Thanks a lot. But now I’m stuck trying to pick a tire that will not look too small. I’m most likely just goin to do 2” rear drop at first then add the rest of the 2/4 kit later. I’m thinking a 32x13-14 R15 will be bare minimum to hook any kind of launch off of a brake stall in 2wd. My shop says that 10.5-11.5 will hook so I’m gonna take their advice. Plus an inch or so. I have a set of 20” continental dws off of my bmw they would be perfect for an awd launch. But they are a little short even for the 2/4. I wish I could get a 4/6 on a 4wd magneride Denali
  3. I am wanting to cut the best time and Mph I possibly can so I’m looking at 15” wheels and slicks but in order to get the perfect size I must go to a 15 because there are a lot more sizes. So I can either run s10 brakes or machine a set of calipers down for when I’m running the 15” and swap back when I’m not. Does anyone know if the 1320.com brackets work on our trucks? Thanks
  4. Estimating it to be at 800 flywheel. Just wanted to post this in a fresh thread since my “ordered a whipple” thread is so up and down twisting it’s hard to even read. Dyno run attached. 7psi and the tuner most likely would have gotten about 60 more if held to 6700 3DFD0234-017C-4FAD-BE73-23AB5807C71A.bmp
  5. The truck is still getting the last little kinks worked out of the part throttle trans tuning but here is a graph from a 4th gear pull that was still climbing hard 93 octane and meth , heavy engine torque management 7062E40F-B8B2-44F3-8D67-39D63EAB5F4C.bmp
  6. Oh and as far as heads and cam I would like to recommend u talk to vengeance racing and let the owner spec u out a cam. I had gotten Brian tooley to spec one out and got Ron at vengeance to give one as well so I could compare the two. I am glad I went with the vr grind as it’s way more aggressive than tooleys but is still tolerable idling around and light throttle. My circle d converter makes sure I never have to worry about low end sogginess anyway alSO THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE KINDS WORDS as I look back and see how much planning, money, work, research, engineering, commitment, and patience it took to get through this build I really need to thank someone who has honestly been the silent partner when it comes to never once did she hinder the all around completion. Not even when the devil showed his horns in the fray of details. If this thread inspires your own build or the knowledge compiled here keeps u from a hurdle that I went through, you owe thanks to my wife sarena cissell!!!!!!she owns al greens music so if you want to really help a bro out hit up Apple Music or google play for some let’s stay together lol to help recoup lo mfn L
  7. would be best most likely for so,done to buy the parts I need instead of sending theirs to speed up thenprocess and so they can still have what they need to go back stock. I never thought I would and I regret that the shop kept my spindles edit :was able to get both spindles shipped for under 100 so now I'm just asking labor to have the kit removed plus 200 and will post this in the proper section. But it's the 7.5" rc knuckle lift
  8. Your very welcome. Thanks for the kind words. Im now wanting to take off the rc knuckle lift and get the height back down for aerodynamics. If someone wants the lift in exchange for the stock parts that are removed for install (mainly spindles), and paying all the shipping costs, it's theirs
  9. He only thing I would add(or rather bring up for discussion) is the huge capability and low end power advantages of tuning the cam timing. I'm have seen some very small inch v8s make over 400 lb ft right off idle using it for that purpose. (4.6 Toyota specifically)
  10. Depends on your goals and how much you want to spend. For 500 wheel you could stay n/a and do heads and cam with the c7 intake and headers/full exhaust. That would most likely be a little over 500whp to more than 550 depending on cam choice and tuner. Cost would be about 5k out the door minimum conversely you could keep the entire truck stock and slap a whipple on it and be at 500 for about 6500-7000 installed. Introversely you could spray a 200 shot and be at 550-600 whp for around 1500
  11. The tuner is the silent partner that needs mentioning. Forrest luster has a good rep in the tuning world n general. I am not exactly sure if he has done hundreds of gen v tunes but he seems to be on top of it and has probably been doing torque/driver demand based tunes since before most as he tunes all types of cars not just gm. I will probably find a few small things to change but as long as he gets the torque model correct (there's a wizard for that now so no Boolean )
  12. That is all very correct. I collected all parts and have been there for the shop along the way and have spoken to every big shop and manufacturer OWNER Over the last year. The shop is an ls based shop and th owner rides a c7 zo6 with a pro charger. He and I along with the tech fastcody have learned alot from each other and its been a hell of a ride. I am not one to boost or brag on my knowledge but yes. I speak genV. I'm finalizing the 8 rib pulley setup from innovators west (od balancer and 3" upper). And speaking of the trans I have my spare 8l90 on its wa to Tim king for him to play with and see what he can come up with as far as upgrades.

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