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  1. I have two Range devices with latest software version. I want $100 a piece for them. Dont have the trucks any more so no longer needed. I also have one Elite catch can with clean side seperator, and one McNally catch can with clean side seperator, $150 each with clean side seperator, Duralast AGM batery is less than 6 months old $150 (local pick up only for battery) Shipping will depend on your location. Im located in Kerrville Texas for anyone close enough for a pick up.
  2. I had a heavy duty driveshaft made for $600, not sure how much it would cost you just to get shortened but if it were me and I was adding boost, i would get a heavy duty shaft. Tje stock one have come apart with just tuning, so boosting it may prove to much for the thin walled stock shaft.
  3. My 2015 programs the seat settings to the key fob, when I set it, I had each key in and truck running and it works. You do have to turn it on in the settings also. If I have my door closed the buttons are one touch and with door open you have to hold button down. I cant try it with truck moving as mine and my wife's settings are to far apart and it would crush me into steering wheel because Im 6'4" and 250# and my wife is 4'11" 98# so it could be painful to mix the settings up.
  4. I don't see visible signs of silicone so Im assuming there is a gasket, but Im not sure.
  5. You can go to Batteries Plus website and find the correct XS battery. Thats where I got both of mine. I run a dual battery setup.If I can find my receipt I will post the number, its been a while and I dont remember off the top of my head.
  6. My 2015 leaked and I still had factory bulb. Took it to dealer and they fixed it. I didnt notice if they only changed gasket or the whole assembly.
  7. Here's mine, figured with chrome steps it need to come off and i prefer the cleaner look Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. I took mine in for the lost coolant and delayed shift into drive. They found the TSB and did the update for me. I hadalready had stator replacement for same issue. If you look up the TSB number online and take it with you, makes it easy for them. I have printed other TSB's when I took mine in before. I had one printed for my radiator, as I had taken it in before for coolant loss and the said it pressure tested fine. When I took TSB in on radiator the second time they looked at it and found it was leaking. The more help you can give them the easieron you and less return trips for same issue.
  9. It was a local service center. I think Peterbilt carried but they were out. I got enough for mine and the wife's for less than ordering just enough for mine alone.
  10. I found Mobil Delvac at a service center for semi's. It was even cheaper than ordering from Amazon. Could try there.
  11. Just had my rear bumper upgrade Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  12. You can get rubber plugs for them, may not be the look you want but better looking than the holes.
  13. I think if you go -30 it will rub pretty bad. I have -12 18×9 and it sticks out past the factory fender. I have flares on so its about even with those maybe a hair outside of flares. I drive offroad a lot and only time they rub is backing down an incline and I have a 4" lift. My wife's truck is leveled with factory +27 offset and 305/55 20 and they are even with fender. So in short, if you go with -12 or little more it will stickout past fender with much less rubbing than -30. You may even get enough stick out with 0 offset and the right tire.
  14. Was a few days ago but, added Alpine amp and Alpine 10" sub. Plus some Black Oak led lights, front and back.
  15. Toolbox, tow strap, flashlight, FNX 45acp, Case 6" fix blade, rope Oh, plus two extra 15 round clips, dont like losing from lack of fighting back, lol

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