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  1. Based on this statement I would question EVERYTHING else this guy says. I say BS!
  2. Aren't there "tip over" sensors on these that need to be relocated to account for the new angles? Just a guess.
  3. For me, as far as winter tires, traction on ice is far more important than snow traction. A 4WD should get around in average snow all day without any problems, even with 4 bald tires. Stopping and steering on ice is what's important and this is where you need to invest. I look for tires with winter temp compounds and lots of sipes and edges to grip the ice. I don't stud my tires but if I was driving a 2WD again I probably would.
  4. I appears you paid for something they didn't do. There should be some trace of the protectant somewhere. I'm not seeing it.
  5. I agree. You bought the truck to use it didn't you? The $475 more than offsets the additional depreciation and the 20 cents will cover the gas so why not just drive it. Remember your truck continues to depreciate whether its being driven or not (roughly $3500 per year or about $300 per month) so the only the additional depreciation (extra mileage) should be considered as the cost for driving yours verses buying a beater to drive instead. buying a gas sipper to use instead ot the perfectly good truck you have sitting in the garage is if after all the additional variable costs plus the purchase price less the residual value of the beater is less than the additional depreciation and gas expense for using your existing truck. I doubt if it ever pencils out.
  6. I had the Goodyear Wrangler's with Kevlar and ironically they were the only tires I have ever had that were punctured by a plain old sharp rock on a gravel road. Good snow and ice traction though. I replaced the Goodyear's with Hankooks and I like these better. The stock Bridgestone's were tough to beat also but they liked grab and throw rocks.
  7. The rule of thumb I use is you lose approximately 20% MPG using E85. So in theory, anytime E85 is more than 20% cheaper than E10 or straight gas then its a bargain. Also, since corn prices the ethanol plants are paying is the lowest its been in 9 years the price spread should theoretically increase thus making E85 more attractive however I believe the spot price of ethanol is determined by the commodities markets and which doesn't always follow basic economics.
  8. My 2010 5.3 burns twice that much with only 106k on the meter. The 6.0 is supposed to be pretty durable. I'd run it as long as possible as long as the transmission holds up. I'd check the oil more often though and try using Shell Rotella 15W40 instead of 10W30 or have the valve guides replaced. I need to do that too but it seems like something always comes up so it doesn't get done. Oil is cheap. Payments are not.
  9. I want a manual transmission!

    Its economics. More and more people buying pickups (3/4 tons even) for grocery getters which means some people driving it who can't drive a stick. Also more pickups in the city mean more stoplights and nobody wants to hold in the clutch with one hand on the shifter, while they're trying to eat, drink, shave, etc. at the same time.
  10. Dealer was able to get it for me. It must not be available online. Did not see this specific part anywhere. Lots of them out there but not this one for some reason?
  11. I took a look at GM Parts direct last night and they did have quite a few exploded views but none that look like the part I need? The seat description is right, but the picture they show is for different part? I have a call into my local dealer but I haven't heard back. They must be stumped too.
  12. Well the oil was down about a 1/3 of a quart after this trip. Drove to Fargo this past weekend and checked it. Its was more than a quart low. So apparently the 5W40 slows the oil loss up to about 2000 miles then its back to normal loss levels (quart every 500 to 700 miles) Mileage is now about 104K. I think I'll change it at 3000 miles but this time I'll try conventional 15W 40 oil and see what happens. Anybody know if this is not a good idea? Too thick?
  13. Like the title says, one of the metal holding rods and the plastic part that acts as the lumbar support on my 2010 Silverado broke. I can't find the parts on ebay etc. Anybody know where I can get parts for this without going to a junkyard?
  14. 1200 miles. Checked oil this am and it was just a little under the full mark. Oil pressure still strong. Looks like its working. My wife is taking it to MN this weekend to bring my grandson back to his mama. Its about 600 miles round trip. I'll check it when she gets back and let you know what it says.
  15. We'll using 5w40 seems to be helping a lot. I have about 75% less smoke at start up and so far after about 700 miles the oil is still full. Oil pressure is holding about 40 as well. Used to drop to under 30 at highway speeds with 5w30 conventional.

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