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  1. on my 2016 the wax came off with a pressure washer bad and the dealer recoated the whole fram under warrenty, they said it was the worst one they ever saw and told me the new coating is alot better than factory. they had it for two days because of the special primer had to dry the recoat.
  2. I had to order mine and the standard bed cost me an extra 200 bucks,, there were none to be had and as soon as they showed up they were gone. Ive been told its because of the 6.2 engine constrants.
  3. I have a 2016 6.2 and get 26MPG all the time but here in Canada the speed limit is only 60MPH that makes a big difference in fuel mileage.
  4. Like everyone said get the Maxtow, the dealer wants you to get the Z71 probley because thats what he has on the lot. Don't listen to him get what you want. I have the ​Maxtow and love it, like everyone said you can change shocks if you need to.
  5. I live close to the US so I go there and fill up with 93 its a lot cheaper, but when I fill up in Canada I run mid or reg just driving around and premium only when towing. The guys in the US think they have expensive fuel, its nothing compared to here!! 1.29 per liter = 4.51 per gallon. As far as gas mileage goes you have to remember most guys on here live in the US were the speed limit is 75 to 80 MPH and here its only 60 so you will get a lot better mileage than your seeing here.
  6. I had a 2015 5.3 and now have a 2016 6.2 and will never go back, fuel milage is the same if not better and the power is night and day different, but I pull a trailer. The price of fuel is very little differance and if you want you can run mid grade, they just recomend premium.
  7. Suspension will be soft with a non NHT truck, get the NHT package for sure if your towing a TT trailer plus you get the better mirrors. If you can swing it get the 6.2, I had a 2015 5.3 and now have a 2016 6.2 and there was no difference if fuel mileage. I'm getting 23MPG everyday driving. I also pull a 10K fifth wheel with no trouble.
  8. Thanks for trying, maybe some day somebody will figure it out. I see your from Lockport, half my family is from Buffalo. small world.
  9. I had a 2015 5.3 and now have a 2016 6.2 and its better on gas then my 5.3 and it was only a 2500 dollar upgrade. Yes it has the 8 speed but its been great. That's a great time for a 5.3 fulsize truck! If only you had the Max Tow with 373 gears!
  10. I also was worried about the garage door if somebody broke into my truck, so I put a timer on my garage door opener to kill the power between certain times so they can't open it. works great and no worries.
  11. My interior lights work regardless of parking lights, there's a black charging wire from the truck that runs interior lights and charges the breakaway battery, the blue wire from the truck works the brakes. A lot of the time you have to install the fuse for the black charging wire to work or your right connect it.
  12. If it dosen't have the tow package I think there's a fuse you have to install under the hood, not sure were I think drivers side, its in the manual. I read a thread on the snowmobile forums about it. I have the Max-tow and its already hooked up on mine. Sorry I coudn't be more help.
  13. Mine was a Mexico truck and as soon as I hit it with the pressure washer it all flaked off in sheets, took it back to the dealer and they recoated my frame. They said mine was the worst they have ever seen. looks brand new again. I also get both my vehicals oiled twice a year, were I live they like the brine and salt.
  14. Thats good!, I don't think the DOD are AFM works as good as it does in my truck, theres no indicator light to tell when its active so I can't say how much it comes on but once in a while you can hear it.
  15. Just cause theres a hole doesn't mean you have to stick something in it!! Thats what my wife told me!

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