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  1. Truck looks good. As already said the gears really are your best option, its like modding the engine to add power except the engine stays stock but actually puts more power to the ground. the gears are cheap, its the install that tends to get pricey. The 33" tires I truly doubt you will notice any difference in performance. I bought my truck with 33" Michelins as it was used and unknown to me the truck has the dreaded 3.08 ratio. Does it accelerate well? No, but putting smaller tires on it isn't gonna help much with the 3.08 gears. I have my new gear set of 4.10s sitting in my garage waiting to be installed. Tuning didn't help much at all, adding 15 hp isn't enough to over come a ratio that high coupled with a transmission with 2 overdrives. Between 65 and 75 are the best cruising speeds as it is able to accelerate slowly without a downshift but under those speeds its in too high of a gear to accelerate and over those speeds the trucks aerodynamics is too great so it ends up downshifting a lot going up hills. My truck is a 2010 so I'm not worried about warranty, but you are right, the dealer will never know you changed the gearing they could see that you have modified the engine tune. If you don't need 4x4 right away you can always do the rear and then the front later, my truck is 2wd so I only have to do the back
  2. gotcha, just a thought as mine had very similar symptoms when it calculated the % wrong
  3. DId you go from 87 to E85 recently? only time my truck has acted like that was when I hadn't read the ethanol content correctly
  4. Here ya go, the 6.0 was junk and if he didn't head stud or do any of the other bullet proofing it took to keep that engine together he isn't running a race tune. This is the tune I ran in my truck every day. truck ran 13.10 @ 102 just like I drove it on the street every single day. https://www.ppediesel.com/shop/duramax-hot-2-e-t-race-xcelerator-gm-6-6l-duramax-diesel-2001-2007-111040000.html click on the application tab at the bottom. you also didn't mention a built transmission which I did have. none of the trucks from that era could handle the hot tuning that was and is available and not rip the trans out of the truck. Keep in mind I haven't had my truck for 11 years at this point but when I was in it I was in it and knew what it took for every truck out there to run well with what was available. The 6.0 was never really a contender between the duramax and cummins from back then due to reliability
  5. Truck stalls when cold

    I now see you said you cleaned the MAF. It may be worth while to have the truck ecm reset. I cleaned mine on my 2010 and it wouldn't idle correctly in gear. The engine wouldn't slow down as fast as the truck was and would downshift hard
  6. Everybody sure its not injectors? <y injectors make a pretty good racket when running 87 octane. A full tank of E85 and it goes away until I switch back
  7. All it takes is a tune to get an 02 duramax to 500 rwhp and 1000ftlbs of torque on the stock engine. the transmission is where the money is. 700hp on a dmax isn't hard at all
  8. Theyre both worn, I'm sure that was the issue
  9. I'm sure that a 3.73 or even a 3.42 would definitely make it feel stronger and more responsive but when you'e running a 3.08 at 45 mph with a .65 OD the truck plain and simply can not accelerate without forcing a downshift. I'm not aggressive with mine at all but at 45 mph the truck is at 800 rpm, theres just no power there. As I said in another thread, the 6 and 8 speed would be great if gm would put a minimum of 3.73 in them and added the gears to the overdrive side. The current ratios are good enough to get a load moving, Id much rather have a truck with a 4.88 gear ratio because it wont have any problem getting the load moving and then instead of a .65 maybe you could get away with even taller than that and keep the mpgs. The transmissions are tuned to try to get as much mpg as possible by shifting as high as they can asap. Theres no reason for a truck to be in the second OD at 45 mph. I am definitely looking forward to having my 3.08 swapped out with the 4.10s I ordered
  10. the 3.08 causes too much hunting at any speed unless its a constant speed on flat ground. still not sure what gm was thinking with that ratio
  11. Truck stalls when cold

    I don't think most people on here or any other site recommend cleaning the MAF, just put a new one on.
  12. Off the subject but what diff gears are in your truck?
  13. I don't know if mine are 10 ply but they are 275/70/18. they have 27000 miles on them still look new. great tire as far as I'm concerned, quiet riding
  14. Rattle noise

    You were running the engine with only a half quart in it?
  15. Agree that theyre not too bad off the line but the constant downshift to maintain even 45mph if someone slows down in front of you is extremely annoying. I don't drive my truck aggressively, it rarely sees over 2500rpm which is when it downshifts into 3 or 4 from 6th because the OD is too high running 3.08. Its the same on the highway, get a nice cruise at 75, some idiot dives over in your lane forcing you to slow down then accelerates quickly you wont catch up to them until you force the multiple downshifts it takes to get the truck back in the power band. I get the best mpg at 65 mph on totally flat ground. Any roads that go up and down at any speed just kills it because it cant maintain the top gear. If gm wanted to use the extra gears in these new transmission correctly they would install an axle ratio like a 4.88 or 5.13 and add all the gears to the top end so when its in OD at a .65 or .55 or wherever they wanted it to be the truck would be able to hold top gear. I would have loved to have had a 3.08 in my 02 Duramax that was putting out 500 and 1000 at the wheels and had 3.73. That truck with cruise on never had to downshift no matter where I took it and got 22 mpg. Would have to expect with 3.08 would have been close to 30mpg.

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