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  1. I have nothing more to contribute. Goodbye.
  2. Ok admin... due to undue stress brought on by influences both at and away from work, I lost my cool and have been unemployed for over a month. I was bringing home 2200 a month, and I cannot get anything better than bringing home 1400 a month now. Soon I will not have a truck, which doesnt matter anyway because putting that stupid transmission pan on was a bad idea. Now I have a slipping transmission and an exhaust leak from the driver's side manifold because a stud broke while lowering the y pipe to install the pan. Now, will you PLEASE delete my account information...
  3. Admin, please delete my account information at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
  4. After reviewing the pics of my undercarriage, I ordered the PML Stock Capacity Pan. Biggest selling points are the straight threaded drain plug with crush washer, and the filter remains the stock distance from the bottom of the pan. Should have it next week sometime, assuming PML is not like other west coast vendors.
  5. Ok, I think the B&M pan is out, due to the NPT drain plug.
  6. Stopped by the Amsoil store across the street from work on my lunch break. Picked up a case of Signature Series ATF and 5 quarts of 75W-90 Synthetic Long Life Gear Lube. My first time customer discount brought it to $205.55 out the door. Got stickers, pens, regular and flexible fill adapters for the quarts bottles, a catalog, and a medium red bag that says Amsoil on it, too. Nice place. Now to choose a transmission pan with drain plug. B&M 70392 Deep Pan is $250, PML 11087 Stock Capacity Pan is $250, and PML 11025 Deep Pan is also $250. Any pro's or con's to any of these? Other than the deep pans having the filter a couple of inches further from the bottom of the pan...
  7. The B&M deep pan looks nice too.
  8. Not really digging the bottom of the deep sump pan being a couple of inches from the filter. I do like the cast in supports so the stock filter can be used.
  9. On a lighter note, I'm looking into the PML aluminum transmission pans. $250 seems like a lot of dough, but the convenience of a drain plug is nice. I figure that since I have to drop the y-pipe anyway, might as well upgrade.
  10. Also known to despise non prior service people
  11. I'm known to be crude but effective.
  12. 17 years, and I cut them loose. That easy.

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