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  1. So the update is that the sunroof drain came loose I guess when they were putting the headliner back together
  2. its a 16 sierra Denali only 14,000 mile and it puzzling that It did it twice
  3. Water leak from gps antenna

    It's just frustrating that this is the second one in a month
  4. Water leak from gps antenna

    thanks for the info , I took it to the deal for them to replace it because it's still under warranty
  5. Water leak from gps antenna

    i figured it's a seal problem and this is the second time lol
  6. Water leak from gps antenna

    Does anyone have issues with a water leak when it rains on drivers side by sun visor from gps antenna on 2016 sierra Denali
  7. Post up your Man-Caves!

    Here's a shot of the man cave when the Camaro gets kicked out [emoji23]
  8. I was just wondering if anyone is having wind noise issues on drivers side door on 2016 Sierra Denali 1500 and if it was solved

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