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  1. Seems as tho I recall some people having weird and sudden issues that come and go like yours . It very well could be bad ground on your negative battery terminal like some found. Just a thought .
  2. I have to agree with you on this . At the end of the day you have to ask yourself this ....Why did I buy NEW ???? Problems and defects buying USED is one thing , Buying New is another .
  3. How about they offer the 6.2 in a regular cab standard bed ? 450 hp and call it the ''legend package '' .
  4. Ford.....Favorite Of Retarded Drivers.
  5. My opinion the front shocks have none to little rebound control. The compression side of factory shocks is fair but rebound side is horrible .
  6. Where is the Apache ?
  7. Believe grade braking is active every time you start the vehicle. If you do not want it active you have to push and hold tow button 6 seconds or say and it will tell you it is off on message screen .
  8. grabbed a 2014 WT with the 4.3 V6

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Ford Burns to the Ground While Driving

    Well in this case it be ...Found On Road Destroyed.
  10. Long live the regular cab short bed !!! I mean ''standard bed'' lol.
  11. Well their dollar is worth shit compared to american dollar . On top of that everything cost a arm and leg it seems their . Oh but they do have government health care for everyone tho.
  12. My thought is until GM releases the ''new'' 19 platform and it proves to be a non shaker we the public are chasing out tails. If 19 model is good than you have something to dissect and see what is different . I believe GM knows fully well where the root of the problem is . Lets face it the government could give a shit less what consumers are going thru because it is not deemed a ''safety issue''. Its obvious GM knows the game very well and is playing dumb on the issue .
  13. SUV blows up when woman lights cigarette

    They forgot the marsh mellows.
  14. Meanwhile the GM truck is was testing against just kept Pulling ...HA!

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