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  1. Skimped on interior

    MFG'S might be facing a dilemma too. Where is the line crossed when the end result would be a truck.... with a total luxury car interior ? If the markets are demanding Cadillac Jack trucks then they will have to build them.
  2. Skimped on interior

    Regular cabs are not cheap neither . A well equipped rc will msrp about 45,000 with 4 wheel 5.3. There is no high end regular cab option so many items not available . Many times with the discounts of double cabs you can buy them for about the same money optioned the same .
  3. Is it just me or is the hood a lot shorter on the 19's ?
  4. I would expect if their is going to be a turbo V-6 it would be the 4.3. But I question the rumor of a turbo V-6 because where is it going to fit in the line-up?
  5. Diesel and 6.2 getting 10 speed. Did not hear what 5.3 gets for tranny. Never heard the v-6 even mentioned ?
  6. I guess going downhill and under braking it is going to run on 1 cylinder .....wow!
  7. What ?......Poor Tacoma lost. lol
  8. GM is a lot closer to Ford on weight than I thought . Surprised .
  9. Yep I agree.. It got more s'more .lol
  10. What is the weight of these 2 vehicles ? More important what is the weight disparity between the two trucks ? Power to weight ratio going to play a big part too if their happens to be say 700 lbs.
  11. Have not seen a picture . All I read was it is a sensor located on the brake booster .
  12. Vacuum pump is belt driven. Failure of it can destroy engine sometimes it has been reported . Have also read disconnect wire at brake booster disables AFM. Downside check engine light stays on they say.
  13. Well with Ram and now Ford in the diesel half ton game it would be likely for GM to follow suit . Bad side I hear the Ram eco-diesel has many issues to keep it running .
  14. Good to see GM back into this segment. The Duramax Allison is a proven combo. If they got as good a chassis Ford Super Duty got themselves some serious competition.

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