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  1. Some trade solely based on their warranty running out and worry about paying for repair . I look at it if you trade every 3 years that big hit you take on depreciation the minute you drive off the lot new will cover a lot of repairs to say nothing about the second year hit of depreciation.
  2. I might be wrong but believe Yenko is only going to build 25. Can you imagine taking a unsuspecting service advisor for a ride under complaint truck appears to accelerate unusually Slow.
  3. Seems like you buy the regular cab standard bed must be Z71 4 wheel drive . They change engine and beef up tranny and torque convertor change. Big brakes and different tires and wheels plus significant interior change out including seats .Really quite a package considering warranty is intact . Bet their no 98 mph. cut off on it neither lol.
  4. 2019 GMC Sierra

    Are them different modes related to transmission or more related to magna ride settings ?
  5. Very strange they unveiled just 2 high end models I think. Maybe Chevy is going to have some models GMC will not like the Trail Boss model. Just seemed like such a small unveil compared to the Silverado.
  6. They have not said much yet . Believe they said more info coming at another truck show next month .
  7. I think they said more to follow in a month at another show . GM reveal on the 19 is like the old movie hits of the 70's and 80's .....Stay tuned for the next ''Sequel''.
  8. GMC has taken a big step away from Silverado which is good imo. Really thought GM would show more trim lines tho which leads one to believe lower model trims may have a few surprises. With no news on h.p. or torque numbers you pretty much know there going to have a little more imo. Yes interior looks similiar and they use a lot of same hard plastics but it also makes them easy to clean which is a bonus for trucks.
  9. Skimped on interior

    Interior is just more of the same hard plastic . Could not help but notice the ''air curtains'' on the frontal shot ....Ugly.
  10. Cost me $200 to upgrade to Bridgestone all terrain on my lowly wt when ordered. Good old GM tossed a goodyear on the spare tho. lol
  11. Depending on the area of the country. I noticed Laura has new trucks with msrp of 56,000 marked down 16,000. Going off that this early into 18 I would guess you might see 18.000 off late summer. But most dealers my guess right now will only want to move a couple thousand off the GM 11,000 incentive if they move at all right now .
  12. Seems like you have to have a turbo in many segments now or buyers pass you by. Interesting that it has nothing it appears on paper against the v-6.
  13. barry G's 1996 gmc 4x4 5spd

    Looks like you got the truck rolling good !!!!!! Hang on another month and the frost heaves and potholes will slow your time lol.
  14. You are on the right track. GM dealership has bleeder vac which will purge ABS of air . But you got the conditions to do it by activating ABS on snow . I have done it that way myself but it may take 10 or 12 good activations.
  15. Air curtains on a Brick ? ...Seriously lol.

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