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  1. Had a similar issue in my F150, a damper actuator failed and wasn't opening the supply duct on my passenger side.
  2. I talked with Ecoological this morning regarding the group buy. The buy itself will kick off this week sometime. The plan is to do a multi-layered discount. The first level will be a general % off your order, the second will be an additional % off if we meet a certain number of participants. We are going to open this up to the forum as well as the Facebook groups I follow so I don't think we will have issues with exposure. I do not know the percent savings or the number of buyers we need yet. You can help this buy by sharing the link once it becomes available. There will be a nominal deposit to buy your seat in the group buy. This was the only way to make sure we have serious participants only. Similar to how Tacoma guys do their buys, there will be a link on the Bumpershellz website where you pay your deposit. Once the timeline on the group buy closes out, you will receive an email with a coupon code. The code will be live for only so many days, they are setting the limit. Use the code to purchase the shellz of your choice at the final discount rate. They want to kick the sale off this week so be on the look out for the post. Any questions regarding the buy contact me, any questions regarding the products themselves, give Ecoological a call. (844) 918-3688 In the meantime, get your wishlist together! https://www.ecoological.com/bumpershellz.html WF41
  3. When I had a 20” and 2 led pods on each side behind my grill the 2 pods were angled off to the side like the guy above. I loved them for the fall, I could see deer waiting 10-20 yards off the road because the angled lights were covering the shoulders well. I have since “downgraded” to a 32” and wish i had that shoulder coverage.
  4. Final hour of Method Wheel ownership... swapping to my Fuels today.
  5. Not sure where you’re located but aluminized doesn’t handle road salt all that well so painting is a really good idea. Best bet would be to remove the system, paint, reinstall that way you’re getting full coverage. As mentioned above, painting is 99% prep, 1% actually applying paint. Take your time and focus on the welds.
  6. Good to know, they said it was residual antifreeze burning off from previous maintenance.... not sure that’s the issue but I’ll give it a few hundred miles and see if it’s still an issue.
  7. What year truck? I assume powertrain warranty picked up those repairs?
  8. I’m at the dealership now. It was weird every time I turned left the smell hit me. More than before i had my first radiator replaced. With how pungent the smell was I can imagine it being too hard for them to find the issue.
  9. The smell is back in my cab...starting to think its the heater core but will have them verify the radiator isn't leaking. After they originally replaced the radiator the smell went away for a while. I just have GM install a remote start and all of a sudden the smell is back. On a side note heater cores are $40-$50 on rockauto and labor is something like $600-700... Out of curiosity, would the faulty thermostat that caused the radiator to fail also impact the heater core? If flow was all over the place with the OEM tstat couldn't that also cause collateral damage to the heater core?
  10. Chrome is a tough finish to paint over. Lots of body shops will avoid it if they can or not warranty the work as long. That’s not to say all will avoid but there’s a reason why a lot avoid painting over chrome. Takes a lot of prep to get it right. Prep = time = money. I have the monkey shit Brown Sierra (bronze alloy) so buying the paintable covers and painting them myself is easier and cheaper. I wouldn’t paint chrome but I can certainly paint Abs no problem. I can’t find a wrap that matches.
  11. FYi Here’s the 2014-2015 cover from Bumpershellz. Looks like we could be firing up the wheels on the group buy bus soon here!
  12. I’m working with them on a group buy for our forum, we delayed kickoff so they could finish the 14-15 GMC front covers. The 2014-2015 covers are done. They said they’ll be ready by the 19th so check back here for the group buy. Bunch of people were liking to pick up covers. This is what they sent me.

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