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  1. How-To: Adding A Coolant Filter K2.

    Check out this link, I just did this as a quick and cheaper alternative. Will replace the filter much more often, but again it's still cheap and very easy. I'm just curious what your opinion is on this; do you see any problems with this, or am I good. Thanks. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/210771-interesting-coolant-filter-find/
  2. What exactly kind of system did the 08 have? Was it heated fluid or a heated rest where the wiper blades rest or both? Could that system from the 08 be installed in the new model? Thanks.
  3. Nobody has any info on these? Anyone with a work trim truck, what kind of front wheel well liners come in the work trim level? Felt or plastic or none???
  4. I found these, but I'm not sure if this is actually what we're talking about. Are these actually full coverage plastic wheel well liners? Anyone know, or have any info on these? GM part numbers 22757273, 22757274 Link https://m.ebay.com/itm/Set-Of-2-LH-RH-Side-Front-Inner-Fender-Splash-Shield-Liner-Fits-Silverado-1500-/131875616089?_mwBanner=1
  5. Does anyone have a link or part number to a set of plastic liners for the front, for a 2017 Silverado. I can only seem to find the plastic ones for the rear only. Thanks
  6. Would just tuning out (tune to turn off) the AFM prevent lifter failure? Or do you need the delete kit and get rid of the collapsible lifters all together to prevent failure. Anyone know? I've had my V4 mode turned off since very early on, about at 2000 miles. But don't know if turning off the V4 even would help prevent lifter failure.
  7. 2017 5.3L Predator Diablo tune 18hp 27 tq Intune i3 Diablo tune 16hp 20tq
  8. why does it say the predator makes a good bit more hp and torque than the intune, at least for a 2017 5.3L, can anyone explain that. Why wouldn't they just put the best canned tune available on both? I'm getting the hypertech, it seems to have the most options for transmission tunning, which is important to me. I hope it works well.
  9. Get a 3.5 inch kit that comes with new, redesigned tubular steel Upper control arms. Superlift or rough country
  10. You have to put in your year make and model and engine. Then scroll down and click on "product features" With the intune you can get custom tunes and adjust a few more features, again listed under "product features" But what I'd like to know is, why does it say the predator makes a good bit more hp and torque than the intune, at least for a 2017 5.3L, can anyone explain that. Why wouldn't they just put the best canned tune available on both?
  11. Do you have a link for the flash module for a 2017 Silverado, I can't seem to find that. Also the vleds site has a 6 led bulb listed for the third brake light, did you say yours is a 15 led bulb, where is that... thank you
  12. Has anyone replaced the third break light stop bulb with an LED bulb. If so which size is it? How many do you need? Does it need to be red? Or will the bright white turn red through the lens? Thanks guys
  13. Yea it's a 2017, it has plenty of time on warranty. I'm not to worried about it, just was curious if anyone else has already been through this and knew what would be the cause and fix.
  14. I've got 2 of these emails now. From that diagnostic above it looks like they would only replace a battery cable at most. Do you guys think if I just disconnect the battery for an hour or so that might help reset things, and maybe then the OnStar emails might stop?
  15. I got an email from OnStar about a possible problem with my starter motor or it's connection, for my 2017 5.3L Silverado. Just curious if anyone has had this alert before, and if you took it to the dealer what was the cause and fix for this. Thanks. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk

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