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  1. Photobucket fixes for FireFox and Chrome users.

    Interesting...I wonder how long this will work before PB gets wind of it. Anyway, I'm in and thanks!
  2. There are more expensive vehicles if that's the end goal. That said; if I had to keep it, a Koenigsegg would be my pick. Would be tough to choose between an Agera, Regera and a One:1 though.
  3. Ford F-150 Awards Just Won't Stop

    If all you know about an award is who won it, does it really mean anything? Personally none of them mean squat to me. The only exception are the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) ratings, those I have seen videos of their tests and know they put a lot of effort in to their ratings.
  4. Last time I quoted a Vette it was over $1400 for 6 months which is nearly 3 times as much as it cost me for my truck. That was for full coverage with a clean record and being 29yo.
  5. I've heard $135k being thrown around. It's definitely in the realm of cars with this sort of performance but, sadly way out of my budget.
  6. Checkout this thread... Self Diving Vehicle Thread I personally like them and am looking forward to them being the norm. Sure I'll still want to drive on a track/offroad for play but, day to day I'd much rather let a car drive itself. Computers can and will be safer than humans and have actually proven to prevent accidents humans wouldn't even have a chance at preventing. With enough redundancies and safety protocols "glitches" aren't a problem. I explain a little more in the thread but, that's the gist of my opinion about them.
  7. On Star is a joke...

    It's grossly overpriced and has a lot of useless features IMO. The only useful features are the app (remote start, lock/un-lock, etc), crash response and slowing down (onstar website doesn't say it will SHUT down, only slow) in the event of theft. I'd gladly pay a one time fee for the app but, I won't be paying for on-star once my trial is over.
  8. What he said...and sexy!
  9. Not exactly a "boat" owner but, I have a kayak and I use public boat ramps often. I haven't seen anything particularly idiotic at a ramp but, I did see one of those huge Kodiak trucks pulling a jet ski trailer once. Since I'm in a kayak I can't launch with all my gear (fishing) in the kayak as it's too heavy and cumbersome. If no one is around I'll take my time but, when it's busy I'll drop everything to the side of the ramp/on the bank so I'm not in the way. I usually spend more time on the ramp answering questions about my kayak than it takes to actually launch. I've also helped my parents launch their 26' pontoon several times. When they first bought it they had trouble loading it (launching is a breeze, as long as there's not a large wake or wind). Having to be near perfectly centered and parallel with a 26 plus foot trailer that's mostly submerged in dirty water isn't an easy task, especially if there's any side wide (that thing is basically a sail). Eventually they installed some uprights that made it easy to tell if you were straight and it made things 100x easier. Now they have it down to an art and can (and have) launch and load it quicker than some bass boats.
  10. Trucks and BBQ

    I kinda expected this to be one of those meet-up threads kinda like a "cars and coffe" thing. My grill is currently down to one burner that isn't rusted out but, I've got a little webber smokey joe to get me by until I decide what I want to replace it with.
  11. Quantum Leaps

    Take VW for example
  12. Back in 2009 the county I lived in got 1.5 to 2 inches of ice. Roads couldn't even be cleared with plows because of all of the downed trees. The ice ended up melting off before any plowing got done but, I lived on one of the roads the county highway department uses to get to the dump. They were hauling all the downed trees and limbs on trailers with limbs sticking out everywhere. Sure enough, one of them tagged our mailbox with a limb hanging off the trailer. Thankfully all it took was a couple phone calls and they paid for a new one. This thread reminds me that I need to get a tow strap for the truck this winter. I'm sure it will pay for itself in short order. Then there's also this...The road ahead of me is a two lane highway maintained by the state, the spotless road to the right is the dead end single lane road I live on maintained by the county. Both were plowed on the same day.
  13. Diesel Power Challenge 2017

    I've been watching it for a few years and it seems to have gone down hill in the last couple years. The competitors used to be guys that ran diesel shops or guys with deep pockets that knew the diesel shop guys well. Now it's more of the average Joe throwing some bolt-on parts to their trucks. I understand why they made the change but, it's not nearly as exciting. The real competition (IMO) is at Ultimate Callout Challenge. That's where the best of the best are competing and pushing the limits.
  14. If you get a free check and they say it needs one, just ask to see their alignment printout. It will show you if it's out of alignment and how bad out of alignment it is. Most shops I've been to, I've been able to watch them set everything up and make their measurements so you should be able to know whether or not they actually checked it.
  15. Can't say that I'm surprised by the Texas numbers, I thought everyone drove a truck down there.

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