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  1. They look pretty similar, I think yours are just "chrome" and mine are polished. And the center cap yeah.
  2. Nope, I didn't do anything. It's def darker gray than it is black Yeah it came with everything This video explains the process exactly
  3. I wonder what’s up. I always use mid grade gas too. I figured the calculation might be off but I have a hard time believing it went from 21 to 12.5 even with the speedo being off. I’m assuming with your tune you’re not turning off the 4cyl mode? ill have to hand calculate. I honestly haven’t driven much I think I’ve only done one full tank so far. I only use the truck for work usually so it does that get plenty of miles put on her anyway so it’s whatever. I am a little heavy on the gas. It just sounds soooo nice with that exhaust and intake growling. I reserve my grandpa driving for my grand marquis
  4. Man what kind of mileage are you getting? I knew mine would drop but I was reading some people were getting up to 17mpg with 6 inch lift on 35's. I went from like 21 to 12
  5. I agree. My 05 tahoe's 5.3 felt like I was driving a big box of cement blocks down the road, and the couple 07 platforms I drove were meh. My 15 gets up and goes, especially after only a few hundred in mods I did.
  6. In my opinion, a lot of guys don't buy trucks to be used as trucks anymore (especially the 1500's). It seems to be more of a status thing, so naturally chevy accommodates this to sell more of them. I look at my neighbors F150 and its clean, pristine, and his daily commuter to work. I don't think he's even used the bed before. I throw bricks at mine. If you must have a chevy, and you want to be big, lift her up!
  7. Yeah I was thinking about it too. But I may end up doing like an Iron Cross steel bumper or something.
  8. Cast Im not sure why it wouldn't work with spacers.. would just push the wheels out a little bit.
  9. Yea it just makes the ride quite a bit more stiff
  10. That back end is sexxxy. I need to dip my bowtie. Looks like its squatting in the first pic but not the second. Mine seems to squat sometimes too.... then it goes away
  11. Oh wow. Thanks just ordered one too. I have an extra iPad laying around and I ordered one of those flexible arms that you're supposed to mount to the seat bolt but I could never find anywhere to mount it. This is perfect.
  12. Never heard of it to be honest. Or wait is that the Diablo one or whatever? And thanks I just got the app ill check it out later today And yeah Theres a lot of varying reviews on the K&N intake and just intakes in general but I 100% noticed increased throttle response, def better mileage and I think it sounds great. WELL worth the money in my opinion, people can talk all the crap they want but hey its our money not theirs. Plus it only took me like an hour to put in. Your truck looks nice too, got a full shot?
  13. Ah. Okay. I was wondering how people figure out if their speedo is off. I was thinking about asking a cop if he could gun me but I haven't seen one out yet. What tune are you going with? I think I am gonna go with a black bear and then I think I'm done. Already did the flow master exhaust and K&N intake
  14. Honestly, I haven't really been able to tell yet. I drove past a few of the police speed things and it didn't seem off, but I am going to see if I need to get it calibrated. I will take some good ones tomorrow! Yes sir. No, I had it done by a shop. I could have done it myself but it honestly wasn't too expensive and I just don't have the time. All said and done it was almost 4k with the tires. Thinking just 1.5

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