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  1. dodge 2019

    that facelift is hideous.
  2. I've tried both in my trucks. I prefer the LEDs.
  3. Ford Diesel Owners Sue Over Clean Air Act Violations

    wow, are we going to add another manufacture to the list.?
  4. they could of tested this truck at least in trucks in its class.
  5. The Tin Man

  6. CHUCKY 2.0

    10 million per year for 10 years is stupid. I don't know what Davis was thinking.
  7. New Member

  8. New Owner

    Welcome aboard, What brand of t-cover is that.?
  9. black boxes always look better than the chrome ones.
  10. Mostly work or short trips, this monster drinks gas..
  11. First time posting

    welcome aboard
  12. My seat get really hot if I have it on for more than a few minutes. I would make a trip to the dealership.
  13. ehhh, looks like GM, FORD and TOYOTA got together and made a truck.?
  14. New to me

    welcome aboard

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