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  1. Free Exhaust Mod!!

    Would be nice. But i had this setup for a long time i think since last November? Last time i tried to get them to clamp my res on in place of flowmaster to see what I thought vs paying money to have it welded then cutoff and flowmaster re welded if I didn’t like it.. they didn’t like the idea of clamps
  2. Free Exhaust Mod!!

    I do know the 17 chevys are a lot different with that flapper mine currently has a bolt through it (i had laying around) last time i checked? Not sure if its still there?? I decided to leave that flapper in place when i got my flowmaster put on ($160 muffler+welding) and res delete now I wish I would have had them cut the flapper off, truck is a lot better sounding and a little louder at idle, drone isnt bad on the highway only when i am accelerating in V4 mode.
  3. Shifting

    In that case mine does good to know when to shift, since i manual shift a lot but here lately since i drive on all highway with very little stops. It get put in drive. Seems to do ok. I know manual 2-3 up shift i get a slip shift feel and defuel. Drive its way less noticeable if there was a way to adapt a ford 6 speed trans to my gm i would, those manual mode are insanely great (behaves like a manual trans) the test subject was my cuz 16 f150 2.7 eco boost didn’t like a 3rd gear launch- almost like my 14 cruze transmission which i miss. Still wouldn’t get a ford just for that. Its either i am not catching this rough shifting or mine is fine?
  4. I never had this chevy shake, had milkshakes before haha.. but i been the owner of this chevy since mile 76. Been pretty lucky with her with 20k on th clock I had the stock good year sr-a a junk of a tire no issues (except they are junk) But a nail hit the side wall where the seam is, got tired of putting air in it, and made a lemonade out of that one tire. And got 4 new nittos ridge grapper load E and a whole size bigger. I get vibrations on certain roads due the road, etc but no chevy shake
  5. I don’t guess i noticed this problem or maybe i am not catching it? Of course I either put it in tow/haul or manual mode if i have to downshift quickly if i am in town its more likely left in manual mode to keep afm off and gear hunt down (trans shifts 4-5 at 32mph). on the highway or when i am able to stay in 6th gear for a long period of time. it gets left in drive. i have noticed that driving in manual mode vs auto the hesitation is gone. Before m6 anyway. But i do know all 3 loaners i had 2017 relatively same options all 5.3 and one v6 the drove a little better then the 16 i have. If i do have this issue it doesn’t bother me, she has 20k on her and I don’t plan on stopping:)
  6. Doubted my 1500 for the first time.

    Its all good, i need to get back in a diesel but i gotta get this one paid off... probably jump in to a 1 ton dully long bed. (Will cross that bridge when it comes time) i miss it though i had a 96 ram cummins, 2wd automatic. Extended cab long bed had a couple of small mods done around 300ish on motor. Truck was nice but i love my chevy a lot more.. at least its quiet vs that truck that had 5 straight pipe.. i miss the torque though.
  7. Doubted my 1500 for the first time.

    Thank you I didnt know that gm did there payload test that way in that case i was over, I wonder how toyota does theres? (My cuz has one and he pulls a small fifth wheel (its either 24 or28) and weights about the same as mine i dont like getting my horse before the cart, but i am enjoying both the camper is more of a full time living, unless I decide to move before i get another truck.
  8. Doubted my 1500 for the first time.

    Ya, i used cruise out of thinking it was better i was wrong. But i was doing 55 max.
  9. Doubted my 1500 for the first time.

    Off topic but the transmissions are decent, I prefer the ford manual mode automatic (f150) vs my chevy manual mode automatic.
  10. Towing discrepancy with 6.2l 3.42 rear diff

    yep, i am in central Texas there is some we have some decent sized hills, but nothing to mjaor
  11. Towing discrepancy with 6.2l 3.42 rear diff

    I doubted it since i havent pulled anything that long or that heavy before but i was proved wrong, and i am no towing expert it is a little long but well worth it for my use.
  12. Towing discrepancy with 6.2l 3.42 rear diff

    another 1500 model cant really compare, since last truck I pulled with was a 96 ram 2500, but i was thinking that my truck wouldnt be able to lug around this trailer because everyone said you needed a 2500 but in fact half tons are better then they used to be.. I wouldnt want to add more length and weight thats for sure.
  13. 2017 Silverado Z71 5.3 Time Slips

    That is impressive on the stock tire setup. I havent taken mine to a track. But them stock ones on mine, never could hook and thats on a all stock setup.
  14. Towing discrepancy with 6.2l 3.42 rear diff

    I dont agree with this 100% the gvwr or total weight of a camper thats with your tanks full, and gear. 90% of people that pull these have there tanks empty. the fresh water tank, some fill that up, prior to leaving for boondocking (No hook ups.) My camper is 32 single slide. dry weight of 6500lbs with 700lbs of hitch (probably more with propane tanks full?. Aside from road conditions the chevy in my sig did the job amazing it is a tad long for my truck but it does the job.. Currently i am probably still under 7k. But the trailers use is full time. OP not sure if you got anything yet, but figure out what youre going to do with it (towing every month, cross country, etc.), and how many people is going to be going with you.
  15. 2017 Silverado Z71 5.3 Time Slips

    Thats impressive. I guess your running the factory goodyears?

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