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  1. Cargo was bright, but as far as the braking LED output..........
  2. When you send 'em back, just send them to me. I'll put them to good use.
  3. When everybody recommends pgamboa, you know he’s doing something right! I love my DL3’s
  4. Nitrodasik bought that light and painted the inside white. He has a video on YouTube. IMO, they don’t look very bright at all.
  5. It hasn’t locked my account in a while, but every time I refresh the page it logs me out. Is that something that can be fixed?
  6. I used philips 921 leds for the reverse and cargo. No resistors needed. I had to add load resistors for the philips brake leds to eliminate the hyper flash. It took 30 mins to install bulbs and resistors on both sides. There’s 4 wires inside the loom by the base of the tail light. Black, brown, light green and dark green. Just tap one side of the resistor to the black and the other to the dark green. Only need1 per side. I used the same ones pgamboa listed. 100w 3ohm.
  7. I just got them installed about 30 mins ago. You can definitely see the instant on/off and so far they look a little brighter. I’ll find out for sure later tonight when it gets dark.
  8. It was fine after they road force balanced them. Who knows, maybe a wheel weight came off and I didn’t know. It had 35k on it when I got it. I wasn’t about to trouble shoot it, that was left to the dealership.
  9. As far as I know, all aftermarket led bulbs that have a dual filament and flash for your signals will need a load resistor.
  10. You can get parking sensors on an LT also.
  11. I have some Philips LEDS that I got on the forums here that I have yet to install. I just got my load resistors in the mail today. They are reflected back into the housing to utilize the reflector in the lamp.
  12. 17k, and I'm getting Kelderman air ride with full Fox Resi's and some American Forces.
  13. All that money for the special package, and it looks like they start out with a SLE truck....
  14. I vote to go back to the way it was before. Lol. This update is horrible. I can only log in and post for a little bit before I’m signed out automatically. Sign back in and my account is locked for another 30 mins. No bueno.

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