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  1. You can find the screens used for 1-200. Not bad IMO. Still, not paying anything is better.
  2. Put a good sealant/wax on the lense and it should help a little.
  3. I’m lucky that we had my sister to stay with if we really had to. There’s zero other family that we could stay with. We close with our house now on the 15th and close on the new one on the 16th. The owners children are cool and holefully will let us move in a tad earlier than the 16th since it’s vacant right now. I cant wait to have a 3 car wide drive way and a garage(s) to park in. Switching spots in the morning really sucks. Also, my black truck might stay clean for an extra day. 😂
  4. We’re supposed to get the contract signed in the morning from them. We mutually agreed on a price and everything. Fingers crossed.....
  5. So after numerous headaches, anxiety attacks and added stress, it's looking hopeful for us. We found a great house in the area my wife wants to live in. We found out it was for sale by the owner and no MLS listings were published so it was "under the radar". We approached the owners daughter, as she is selling it for her mom, and found out it was under contract already as of last week. Just my luck.... Apparantly the people in the contract couldn't get all their financing lined up and just fell through last night, so they just signed a release. We got busy and wrote an offer last night and are patiently waiting today. Currently going through offers and counter offers, but it's looking good for us. It's a ranch that we wanted, finished basement with separate wood burning fireplaces that we really wanted. Lots of new updates in the last year, and It's the half acre minimun I wanted. I really had to have a 2 car garage minimum. Well, as it turns out.................. This car has a 1.5 car garage attached to the house and a 5.5 car detached!!!! I am literally in love with this house. All garages are heated and on thermostats. The attached garage even has a hot and cold water spigot inside to wash your car in the wintertime. I would be able to detail cars year round and make some extra money. Hopefully all these prayers have been answered and this will all fall into place for my family. Great schools and a nice private neighborhood. Fingers crossed that I'll have a positive update later today.
  6. It’s normal. The projectors don’t have clear lenses. They are kind of fluted.
  7. Go to the hardware store and buy a cheap section of tubing. 3-4’ should be adequate. Duck tape it to an attachment on a vacuum/shopvac and try that. That’s what I do to clean out my dryer vent. Attachments are too big to fit in, but the tubing works great.
  8. Installed some Husky rear mud flaps. I said I'd never install a set again, but here I did it. I scored them on ebay for $1.99 with $10 shipping. Not a bad deal for $12. Lol. Now I just need to find some fronts cheap.
  9. You’re right. The switch blended in with the others in the console. I didn’t look hard enough. The modding never ends.
  10. Looks like you’re missing the Camaro frameless mirror and a sliding rear window. 😂😂😂
  11. 2014 stock take offs

    Would I still have to purchase a tune from BB with the autocal? Not sure how that works. Is the unused tune linked to your truck?
  12. Same here. Drivers rear sticks for my son all the time. I called the dealer and asked about safety and they gave me that ridiculous price too. Not covered by any kind of safety recall.

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