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  1. Yikes. I've got a lot of these issues with my 2016 Sierra 5.3, amongst so many squeaks and rattles. Haven't gotten much better treatment at any of the three Chevy/GMC dealerships in my area. Maybe I should take it to the Cadillac garage
  2. Same issues with my 2016 5.3 Sierra. I've read in one post that the rough idle is due to buildup on the fuel injectors. Another post says it is due to the low idle RPM, and that it can be fixed with a tune. Either seem likely to me - mine happens right at 500 RPM. Who knows what the dealer will tell me. Probably that it is "within GM spec" or that they "can't duplicate the problem." Of course, they'll tell me that at 5:50 PM, after keeping truck all day.
  3. I hear you dude. I have a number of issues with my 2016 Sierra SLT 5.3L: Shake at highway speeds Engine vibration at idle Rattling center console Rattling rear sliding glass I've got 24,000 miles on the clock, and I'm seriously contemplating dumping the truck before the warranty runs out. What really gave me pause was test driving a 2012 Yukon SLT for my fiancé. The Yukon had 90,000 miles on it and drove more quietly and solidly than my new truck. Like you, I've gone through all of these issues with all 3 Chevy/GMC dealers in my area - none of them have been permanently fixed. Still trying to decide what to do with the truck. I'd hate to see it go - the styling is gorgeous inside and out - but I am getting tired of driving around in an expensive rattle box that is constantly in the shop.
  4. Thanks! Just started having this problem. Hopefully the dealership can get it sorted
  5. Nice truck! I knew I'd find you on here sooner or later
  6. Cadillac's Vehicle Naming - Inside Joke?

    Great post. I had the same thought on the Escala / Escalade naming similarities.
  7. Thanks! Lots of great info here. Really wanting to get this installed.
  8. I'm definitely trying to get the ball rolling on this mod. I have a few questions: NIXONRIDE, what year cluster did you install in your 2016 SLT? The link you shared in another post was for a NOS 2015 Yukon XL Cluster. I'm hoping this is what you had Chris White program, as it would be much cheaper than buying one new from GM Parts Direct. 2015 Denali Yukon XL Cluster ($200.99) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Denali-Yukon-XL-Instrument-Cluster-OEM-23249954-New-/231754299431?fits=Year%3A2015%7CSubmodel%3ADenali&hash=item35f5a1f827:g:lKsAAOSwdvpWDtS4&vxp=mtr New Cluster ($604.67) - http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oe-gm/23249954 Since Chris says that the clusters must be correct for the body year, my thought is that I'll have to purchase from GM Parts Direct. Are you having any issues with Apple Car Play? Does the cluster Navigation work?
  9. I love the look of big tires on stock wheels. Your factory 18's are my favorite - I wish I had those on my '16 SLT!
  10. Thank you NIXONRIDE. Definitely hoping to add the cluster to my 2016 SLT. Let us know how things work out with the HUD. I should probably just order both of these parts.
  11. Thank you DAY11!!! Does the top of the cup holder just come off when you pull it?
  12. Thanks for the tips. I'll run it by the dealer, but I'm guessing I'll just end up paying big bucks for them to replace it, or living with the scratch. Oh well.
  13. Mine doesn't seem like it will come out. I have been pulling on it and it won't budge at all. There is a tiny bit of play, but it seems to me that this one cannot be removed by the customer. Frustrating.
  14. As I understand it, the cup holders on the 14's and 15's can be snapped in and out of the center console. For some reason, the 16's cannot be snapped in and out as easily. I'm thinking that my center console will have to be disassembled to some degree in order to replace the part
  15. Hey Guys, I've got a 2016 GMC Sierra SLT, and somehow, I've put a big scratch in the brushed aluminum on top of the cup holder in my center console. I've got the bucket seats / fixed console. I like keep my interior pristine, and this scratch is really bugging me. From my reading, I've found that the cup holders in the 16's cannot be removed easily. Does anyone know if this is something that can be replaced by the dealer? Thanks in advance.

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