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  1. Yes sir. The upper trim piece is now on back order though.
  2. I finally got an email confirmation from Jim at GMPartsnow that the console assembly 84288040 does come with the arm rest lid and back cover. So I ordered everything today. Will let you know if they were right when it gets here for sure.
  3. I still emailed gmpartsnow back asking for some sort of confirmation that the console part # does come with the lid and back cover, but nothing back just yet.
  4. Apparently that is a complete assembly with arm rest lid with wireless phone charging and back cover. I sent GMPartsnow an email inquiry with the VIN from a 2018 1500 LT 2WD truck. Jim from GMPartsnow responded with a quote: Order Content Part Number Make Part Name List Price Quantity Total 84193710 GM Harness $35.87 $23.93 1 $23.93 84288040 GM Console $571.33 $387.36 1 $387.36 22776807 GM Console Assembly Front Bracket $22.10 $16.58 1 $16.58 23467516 GM Side Trim $35.73 $25.08 1 $25.08 22817347 GM Side Trim $77.43 $52.50 1 $52.50 84092080 GM Upper Trim Panel $214.28 $145.28 1 $145.28 11609982 GM Fender Liner Bolt $4.57 $3.26 2 $6.52 Subtotal Amount: $657.25
  5. I sent them an email instead of calling. That way I have something in writing as well. Will let you know what they say as soon as they respond.
  6. WTF..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chev-Silverado-2015-Center-Console-Sierra-Tahoe-Yukon-Suburban/253490641655?hash=item3b05383af7:g:NRsAAOSwC2JaqXRs&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/14-17-Silverado-LTZ-Cocoa-Center-Console-Armrest-Lid-Leather-Wood-Trim-Panel-OEM/183126706802?hash=item2aa333ca72:g:qAwAAOSwODFaX3L9&vxp=mtr
  7. I will call tomorrow and ask. Will ask too if it turns out to be not what they say it is, if they cover shipping back. Would think if you provide a valid vin# and get them to confirm it is the complete assembly that it would go back on them to pay shipping back. But need to confirm with them first.
  8. Well that IS interesting. The way Frank had all the part numbers listed out made it appear that those other pieces did not come with it. Like they were all ordered separately. Who's gonna be the guinea pig and order one to find out....hahah?
  9. I saw the part number 84288040 come up in Phils thread. Apparently that is just the main console piece, not the more complete assembly. Guy named Frank had it in his parts list along with separate part numbers for the arm rest and back part etc.
  10. Do you know what color that one is. It is cheaper than the other one folks have been ordering.
  11. I have not purchased one yet. I am still feeling things out whether I really want to do this or not.
  12. I would be careful with financing thru GM. I just bought a truck a few weeks ago and did that. The catch is the sales people will tell you that you will have a little higher interest rate than what is available like at ur local credit union or bank. They also told me that I would have to stay with GM for at least 4 months before refinancing. This turns out not to be true. They just want you to stay that long so the dealership can get that $1000 rebate money. I guess it takes about that long to get processed. Around the DFW area rates were around 2% for what I was looking at doing. The sales person told me GM would be around 5.25%. I did the math and it would cost $100 more with the higher interest rate to stay the 4 months and then refi to the lower rate. This is where the dealership gets crappy. When I went in to sign papers the finance guy tells me the rate is 6.14%. Begrudgingly I went ahead and signed papers knowing that I would refi in a few months. This sounded fishy to me, so the next week I called several other dealerships in the area and spoke to the finance dept. I just played dumb and inquired about the details on the $1000 rebate with financing thru GM. Everyone of them told me that with my credit score I would be looking at high 2's to low 3's. This really ticked me off. Here is the second catch you might run into. I had already started asking around about refinancing. Selected a credit union that advertised 2.15% for 4 years, went in and got signed up. About a week later the jerk calls me up and says things are ready and we have you at 3.99%. I said BS, what about the 2.15? That's when he tells me that on a refi they can only lower you rate a max of 2% lower than what it currently is. I called BS on that as well and said I will take my business else where. I had spoken to 3 different loan jerks including the manger at this place. Told them exactly what I was doing and not one time did they mention the 2% max drop on a refi. So if anybody is in the DFW area, stay away from FCACU. So just do a little homework before you make a deal.
  13. The U42 code appears to be the rear entertainment option.
  14. Saw this brown one on eBay tonight, $325 and free ship, no pics tho. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Console-Front-Floor-Opt-U42-Fits-14-15-SIERRA-1500-PICKUP-1365362/391996822943?hash=item5b44d4d59f:g:xmoAAOSwhCpaor6q&vxp=mtr

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