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  1. i had the shorter antennae. reception did not worsen whatsoever. maybe a "perk" of living minutes from NYC and us getting in bigger, more prominent stations?
  2. FS 2014 Silverado Headlights

    these are effectively SOLD to: sshsjd10
  3. FS 2014 Silverado Headlights

    bumping. out of the country and in asia til early october guys. feel free to still scoop these up and cash in on a great deal just please note i will be able to ship them around 10/10 or so. lol.. if anything it buys you a few weeks or so to purchase your parts to complete the projector retrofit these things deserve !
  4. FS 2014 Silverado Headlights

    K Trucks sold. Bumping to the top
  5. just do a mcgaughys 7-9" lift. no need for the body lift
  6. 2014 silverado OEM Floor mats

  7. 2014 silverado OEM Floor mats

    attached are close up pictures of the mats. theyre in fantastic shape. truck is sold and these are some of the last few parts to go
  8. 2014 silverado OEM Floor mats

    yes please pm me
  9. 2014 silverado OEM Floor mats

    bump. all pm's responded to
  10. 2014 Silverado DL8 mirrors with gloss black mirror caps

    Sold to Phil
  11. FS 2014 Silverado Headlights

    bumping this up and giving a great price discount guys i will ship these out for $150. thats an awesome deal here. lets get these sold.
  12. 2014 Silverado DL8 mirrors with gloss black mirror caps

    bump still for sale. please note: these will NOW come with the textured black caps instead of the gloss black ones. so that means they'll be cheaper i'll do a great deal for someone 80 shipped. LETS GET THESE SOLD!!
  13. FS 2014 Silverado Headlights

    bump open to offers

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