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  1. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

    These are the base mirrors without power fold and puddle lights. (DL3) code are the loaded mirrors with those functions. These have power adjust, and heat. Thanks!
  2. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

    $180 Shipped
  3. Hey, Thanks for mentioning that! Ironically I planned on using it on my 2018 and then when I looked up info and details to sell it, I found out that it wouldn't have even been compatible! So thanks again for mentioning that, I completely forgot to say that!
  4. Brand NEW in box! Decided to get truck tuned and had the tire size adjusted then, so no longer need this. Rough Country # 90001_A *NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 2017+ MODELS* $135 Shipped
  5. FS: RANGE AFM Disabler

  6. FS: RANGE AFM Disabler

    Range AFM: Blue LED Device Updated 10/16/17 $100 Shipped PAYPAL ONLY Thanks!
  7. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

  8. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

  9. Morimoto 35w D5S replacements (5500k or 6500k)

    SLT 1500 Thanks!
  10. Morimoto 35w D5S replacements (5500k or 6500k)

    Those work for the 2018 Sierra's? Or only the newer Silverados?
  11. Quicksilver Metallic DL8 Mirrors

    DL8 Mirrors off of a silver GMC Sierra Power adjust and heated. Dirty in the pictures but no scratches or marks. Will clean up nice before sending. $225 shipped
  12. Hey, I actually have another question for you are anyone with the adjustable pedals. When I push down the pedal, it goes almost all the way down to the "floor" and then acts like its hitting a stop and then if you push really hard it will click down another 1/2" maybe for FULL throttle. My question is, is that normal for there to be a stop there? Shouldn't it smoothly go all the way down to the floor? I know my old non-adjustable pedals in my 2014 didn't do this and neither does my dad's 2014 Silverado.

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